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WATCH: Arrow Takes Buck Through Both Lungs

There really is something mystical about the flight of an arrow. This home video clip shows a perfect one, too, as it makes a beeline for a 10-point buck in a September food plot. Shooting an arrow through both lungs of a buck is something that any seasoned bowhunter can appreciate. It’s a distinctive feeling that you know you performed under pressure and made for a quick, clean kill.

I was fortunate to experience this awesome hunt last weekend while hunting with my buddy Cory Johnson here in Wisconsin. The buck went down in sight just after peeling out of the food plot — ShotPlot brassicas from Evolved.

“I can’t believe how fast that stuff grew,” Cory told me as we dragged the buck from the field. I planted this less than a month ago, and deer have been absolutely hammering it lately.”

I saw that first hand. On this particular hunt, I counted more than a dozen racked bucks before settling the Barnett Recuit’s crosshairs on his vitals. The Rage Broadheads Xtreme Crossbow head sliced a huge entry and exit hole and put the buck down fast.

It was a memorable day that I’ll forever replay in my mind.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a buck that needs to be processed!  Good luck, everyone, and keep those photos and field reports coming!

– Dan



Evolved ShotPlot

Evolved ShotPlot Brassica Blend

Rage Crossbow Xtreme

Rage Crossbow Xtreme

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HSS Hybrid Flex

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