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Whitetail Wisdom: Deer Hunting’s Monday Mayhem


What an awesome Georgia buck. This deer was shot last year during archery season. Click on the photo for a gallery of more Southern giants.

by Dan Schmidt

It seems like everyone else is having fun outside these days … Florida and Alabama readers have been hammering turkeys already. I’m just hearing them in my sleep. That’s what 20 inches of snow on the ground will do to a guy. Ah, at least I’ve been getting the new pup out and about. I want her to chase rabbits, but she wants to chase deer.

Guess she takes after her adopted dad.

This week starts a new slant on this blog. With all due respect to Peter King, I’m going to give the gift that keeps on giving: Shared links to the past week’s best (and worst) in the deer hunting world.

Here goes, in no particular order…

Deer stories of the Week:

A $16,000 mess-up. Wyoming officials put the smack down on this guy who let his antler lust get in the way of his common sense.

Smash encounters. A bicyclist takes on a deer. Who wins?

Hallelujah moment. Study shows no biological support for Sunday hunting bans.

How to age a mature buck. We talk about it all the time, but just how does one guess the age of a deer that is beyond mature?

Best of the Best. A closer look at some of the really cool new products unveiled for deer hunters in 2013.

Facebook Comment of the Week:

We thought it would be appropriate to remind all of our deer hunting fans that it is definitely NOT cool to forgo wearing a safety harness while hunting from above. That’s when Deanna Page offered this sobering comment:

“I have two steel rods in my back after falling 12 feet and crushing a vertebrae. I am lucky I can still walk & hunt. Wear a safety harness, because someday you might not be so lucky!”

Thanks for sharing your insights, Deanna. We feel for you and hope that your message hits home with the folks who think they are bulletproof.

Tweets of the Week:
Beautiful Albino Whitetail photo #Deer… pic.twitter.com/upsFVRqNI8

@FullDrawMedia  Took down a few treestands this weekend. Pulled my son up for the first time. He loved it!

The Man Who Eats Roadkill http://shar.es/eGLyj

Check Out These Deer Tattoos! http://shar.es/ecVIq

@SPORTSMANchnl Pig Man takes a break from the hogs & takes a shot at whacking a whitetail! #PigMan, tonight 8 E/P http://bit.ly/UghWp9