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Why Deer Hunting is Good for the Environment

Warning! This video is not for the squeamish. It’s not for those who believe in a Bambi-like natural world, either. I’m posting it to show yet another example of how and why deer hunting — and hunting in general — is good for the environment.

How is hunting good for the environment? Well, you balance wildlife populations, No. 1. Then there’s that whole aspect about self-reliance. Oh, and let’s not forget balanced ecosystems.

I took this video with my cellphone this morning on a road near our office. The majestic 8-point buck met his demise via an automobile at least a few days ago. That swarming mass of maggots … yeah, that’s how nature takes care of its own.

Harsh, true reality. Hey, maggots have to eat, too. However, I would have rather seen these antlers on someone’s wall, the venison in a family’s freezer and the buck’s memory in a happy deer hunter’s memory bank.

Guess I’m weird that way, huh?


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