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D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s columns and blogs have become a must-read for deer hunters and anyone who loves whitetails. This blog is the melting pot for all the whitetail wisdom that he has gleaned over the years while working with North America’s top deer biologists, behaviorists, hunters and land managers. You can also follow him on Twitter — @DanSchmidtDeer — and Facebook.

Yes, this IS as good as it looks. Be careful not to overcook it. Wild turkey gets tough when you leave it on high heat for too long. (photo courtesy of Tracy Schmidt)

Turkey Recipe Bonus: A Hawaiian Delight

There’s a good reason why the founders of Deer & Deer Hunting expanded the brand in 1991 and started up Turkey & Turkey Hunting: There’s just too much great-tasting wild game out there to eat nothing but venison year-round (although most of us try!). I had a hunt for the ages yesterday. In the morning,...

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How to Drop a Deer in Its Tracks

If you want to know how drop a deer in its tracks, you should familiarize yourself with the physiological term brachial plexus. Once you know what this is, you might look at deer and deer hunting (and shot placement) in a completely different fashion.

Hunting Girl Gets First Deer

Rock ‘n Roll! Hunting Girl Scores on First Deer

“Is this normal? I’m not cold, but I’m just shaking!” With that innocent admission, a little hunting girl, Savannah, was welcomed to the deer hunting fraternity and became an Internet sensation. Dad Jason captured his daughter’s priceless reaction — and adrenaline rush — immediately after she pulled the trigger for the first time and...

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Big Buck Sheds Both Antlers on Film!

Hey everybody, check this out. It is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come across my desk in a while. Jeff Enns posted this on YouTube a while ago, but we first saw it now. He writes: “Here is a mule deer buck that I have trail cam videos and videos of in...

The most consistently successful deer hunters are the ones who hone their woodsmanship skills first and foremost. (D&DH)

Deer Hunting Success Favors Students

What’s the key to deer hunting success? The answer is two-fold: Knowledge makes you powerful, but wisdom provides for consistent success. Highly populated whitetail herds certainly provide opportunities for some hunters to blunder into success here and there, but true whitetail wisdom is what will separate you from the guy who fills his buck...