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Charles Alsheimer’s Rut Report

 The rut is ramping up nearly everywhere, just as Charles Alsheimer and Wayne Laroche predicted in this year’s annual D&DH Whitetail Rut Predictions. Here is Charlie’s report from earlier tonight:

"As I’ve mentioned in past years our research deer are able to tell me when the rut is kicking in…..though it is always slow at first.  Anyway, this year our bucks began walking our enclosure’s fence line (one mile in length) the afternoon of November 3rd.  Now, two days later they have a very noticable path created around the inside of the fence.  On November 1st I began seeing what I call aggressive "paw" scrapes at various places around the outside of the fence (about 3-6 feet from the fence).  These are made when a wild buck and a buck inside the enclosure show aggression toward each other.  It’s pretty impressive to witness and on two occassions in the 16 years we’ve had our facility one of our bucks has actually fought a wild buck through the fence.   As a side note, prior to 11/3 my bucks were doing absolutely nothing…….no walking around, just eating and bedding with no interest in doing anything else.  Now I’ll have to put on my track shoes to keep up with them.

"I’ve been hunting pretty much every day since October 20th and in the last four days have seen a ramp up in buck sightings.  This morning (24 degrees, no wind and clear) I had 5 different bucks walk past me from dawn to10:30.  One of the bucks walked past me 3 times…….so things are beginning to happen, just as Wayne Laroche predicted they would (check the 2011 DDH calendar for more details).  If the weather cooperates the next two weeks should be great."

How are things going in your area?

31 thoughts on “Charles Alsheimer’s Rut Report

  1. Josh Klempner

    Opening day under our belt and the rut finally seems on, several fat necked bucks came in to my deer cutter in Sullivan county. We saw decent action at our club property in Delaware county. Took my buck with his head down on the prowel. Only a week or two ago, very little activity. Duchess county was absolutly dead in the last few weeks.

  2. Todd

    I just got back from a 4 day hunt in north central NE and the bucks were chasing even though the temps were a little too warm. My brother and I both shot bucks that were chasing does. One shot in late afternoon with temps in the 50′s and the other one shot two days later temps in the low 40′s.

  3. Kevin

    I hunted the 11th, 12th, 13th. Although I am seeing plenty of does and bucks along with lots of scrapes and rubs popping up; I have yet to see any chasing. And the younger bucks still seem to be hanging around each other. No movement between 10am and 3pm. East Central Iowa.

  4. NY Rob

    Been hunting hard in NY’s nouthern zone (Dutchess Co) & over the border in CT (Litchfield Co) It has been a SLOW season to say the least. Saw some chasing from the road side (Tuesday 11/08) on my morning work commute so I took last Thursday/Friday off to hunt … 20 hours on stand in 2 days (11/10&11/11) with no buck sightings and little doe movement…woods are void of buck sign …. No acorns and very few beech or hickory nuts this year in my hunting areas – I think this has alot to do with the lack of deer.
    I’m hoping things change this week as it’s the last week of archery and my final 2 vacation days for the year are being used this Thursday & Friday!

  5. bill leary

    albany county ny area – quite a few dead deer on the roads in suburbia. they’re definetly on the move since the 7th ( 3 days B4 the full moon ) gotta figure they’re still chasing –

  6. OldDoe

    Hunted Nov.8, 9 & 10th west of East Tawas, MI. Lots of rain the 8th & morning of the 9th. Had NO sightings & only night activity on my trail cam. Had much more daylight activity 2 weeks ago.

  7. Steve Sorensen

    My experience is similar to Joel Spring’s. Here in NW PA, I’ve seen several scrapes and rubs appear in the last few days, but have not had a buck encounter on stand yet. Does are plentiful in the area of my stand, but not moving in the daytime. My trail cameras show bucks and does moving at night, so I’m hopeful that things will turn on. The only problem is that they have to turn on tomorrow — it’s the last day of the PA archery season.

  8. Rob Watson

    11/11/11 saw a 61/2 year old buck that I’ve been hunting for the past 2 years this morning chasing does in a thick swale. He came off a 98 acre santuary onto the property I hunt. Also made a new sign post rub on a popular as big as a telephone pole. MI Thumb region.

  9. Bo

    No activity yet, been very hot, no serious scrapes, nothing.
    Rut doesn’t kick in really until the second moon after a cold give or take.
    We’ve got another 4 weeks or so. Perhaps should see some activity end of first week in Dec.

  10. jackie

    southern new jersey. strong rub and scrape lines now. have had the same small bucks respond to estrous scent a couple times in the last two weeks. big buck came in grunting right as shooting light was ending on sunday the 6th. hoping to see him again under better circumstances!

  11. Jason

    Panhandle of Texas.. I checked game camera yesterday had 3 new bucks show up in the last 2 days. Full moon is bright right now, I look for next weekend to get things kicked up real good here. I rattled in 3 young bucks 11/8 about 6:50 AM 2 spikes, and a 4pt, still grouped together.

  12. Pat

    Easter northern lower of MI: a few rubs to date, nothing more. No mature bucks on trail cams. Most activity nocturnal, very few deer sightings during day, mostly does, few bucks. No mature bucks during daylight as of 7 Nov Huron Nat’l Forest. Hoping for more activity this week.

  13. Marc Solometo

    Southern Tier New York Hunter- Seen very few rubs and no scrapes until first week in Nov. On the 3rd counted eight scrapes,
    most were just started and seeing rubs showing up. Nov.7th seeing bucks moving, One 4pt searching, Nov 8th a 12pt seen at 1230pm wandering around.

  14. christopher white

    Here in Maryland 11/11/11 the rut is hot, the temps have been chilly and its been like this since before Halloween. Right now we have a full moon and this has been the most active year for the rut I have seen in years mostly 2 and 3 yr olds but every were I look I see bucks chasing does hard. Just yesterday I seen a for out in the middle of a corn feild near a small thicket so I stoped to see if n e thing else was out their then a small 4 point came running arose the feild so I threw a strong grunt call out to himhe stoped and then a 150 160 class buck came out of that thicket and started charging the younger buck pretty cool to watch.

  15. zack

    Where I hunt about 50 miles north of Charles, the last few days in Oct and the first 3days in Nov I had alot of buck activitiy. The past 5days have been quiet. It should pick back up anytime now.

  16. Nick

    Central Minnesota Hunter – bowhunted all season and then firearm season just started on the 4th. WINDY opening weekend. Young bucks are cruising and even some older ones are moving. I had a mature buck growling and grunting early am on the 4th but he found a doe and was out tending her in a swamp by first light. Had another buck in another area grunt back at my doe bleat call…I’m just hoping to get a look at them through my rifle scope.

  17. Bryan

    Seen only a few small bucks first few weeks (bath,ny) some rubs and and scrapes. Not like years prior though. Sat sunday morning had the two biggest (mature) bucks I have on camera push a doe right by my stand. They were here and gone just like that. Wouldn’t stop for any shot. Action is finally starting to pick up. More midday movement now as well! Good luck. I hunt just few miles from charlies farm.

  18. ryan

    rut is picking up in southeastern wi, i took off work on fri nov 4th and i think i picked a perfect day, in the am i had to nice bucks scraping and seemed to be searching for does all morning could of took both of them but im trying to practing QDM.I found though when i made a bleat call at them they were not so interested, they just keeped going as if they were on a mission! weird! any anwers to that?

  19. Paul

    Slowly ebbing and flowing in SW Wisconsin. Friends have been seeing/harvesting nice deer but i was out all day Saturday and saw/heard nothing. it was unseasonably warm though

  20. Joel Spring

    Here in WNY state, I’ve seen several scrapes and rubs appear in the last few days (Nov 3-7), but have not had a buck encounter on stand yet. Does are plentiful in the area of my stand and I’ve had several close encounters, so I’m hopeful that things will turn on.

  21. jody bang

    I hunt in cenral Wis.Been seeing seeking behavior the last couple days.Young bucks though.They don’t know any better.Expect to see the big guys on their feet by mid week.I picked a great week to have vacation!!I’m pumped!

  22. Jon

    Very similar to yours. just less bucks. very cold morning, saw nothing in my morning hunt. warm mid day, then cool evening hunt. sat in a new stand and saw 5 doe. including one called "boss doe" who is a big doe that im hoping to get a shot at because A: she would put a good deal of meat in the freezer and B: there are alot of does on the property i hunt on. (a friendly neighbor’s old farm) watching these does across a large field the light started to fade and i realized they weren’t coming my way. turning to gather my things and climb out of the stand i see a rather nice 8 point that i hadn’t ever seen! he was following some estrus sent that would have lead him right past my stand had he not seen the does across the field…. rattling, grunting and snort wheezing would get him to change his mind. he chased those does right out of sight. i have two questions… did i do the right thing trying to get his attention? (rattling, grunting and snort wheezing) does this mean i might start seeing even more bucks that i would have seen within the past several weeks?

  23. john g

    I hunt in Saratoga County NY and as of today(Nov 5) have seen no buck action. Other bhunters in the area say buck action is low and wonder if the recent storms may have something to do with that. Please provide feedback on that.