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D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s columns and blogs have become a must-read for deer hunters and anyone who loves whitetails. This blog is the melting pot for all the whitetail wisdom that he has gleaned over the years while working with North America’s top deer biologists, behaviorists, hunters and land managers. You can also follow him on Twitter — @DanSchmidtDeer — and Facebook.

Buck licking 2

Unplug and Enjoy Your Deer Season

If there’s one thing that could make me happier in the deer woods this fall it would be a complete off- the-grid experience. Not asking for much here; just a few days during the rut — perhaps a few 10-hour vigils where I’m completely unplugged from the stressors and distractions of this so-called modern life....

Ohio Buck Grosses 300 Inches?!

Just an incredible buck!  I talked with Dan Coffman last night, and we are working on getting his story in Deer & Deer Hunting. The guy in this photo is a buddy of his who wanted to pose with the deer. To dispel all of the rumors, Dan told me this buck is legit,...

Deer react to hunting pressure perhaps far greater than hunters realize.

Are Doe Bleat Reactions a Learned Response?

Bleat reactons: a learned response? Deer behaviorists and those who raise deer mostly agree that white-tailed does are typically not that vocal during the rut. in their reports in d&dh over the past 30 years, many of the top behavorists and researchers have stated that does are most vocal during the fawning season. Leonard...

Wild venison is the missing link for many of today's locavores. There's nothing more satisfying than preparing a dinner that you completely grew and/or harvested yourself. (photo by Dan Schmidt)

3 Ways Shot Placement Affects Venison Quality

The quality of your venison is a direct result of the care you take (or don’t) after the animal is down and while you are processing the animal at home. However, did you know that the it’s equally important to take care before the shot and during the trailing process? Here are a few...

Brian Woodard Jr. with his buck-doe, which likely is a hermaphrodite with both ovaries and testes.

Headgear Says Buck, Everything Else Says Doe

Check out this crazy 8-pointer that Brian Woodard Jr. arrowed recently. The headgear says “buck” but other appearances said “doe.” What’s the true story? Well, as noted many times in Deer & Deer Hunting, it is most likely a hermaphrodite (both a buck AND doe!). True hermaphrodites have both ovaries and testes, but possess...

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.16.37 PM

WATCH: Arrow Takes Buck Through Both Lungs

There really is something mystical about the flight of an arrow. This home video clip shows a perfect one, too, as it makes a beeline for a 10-point buck in a September food plot. Shooting an arrow through both lungs of a buck is something that any seasoned bowhunter can appreciate. It’s a distinctive...

DDH Editor-in-Chief Dan Schmidt with his free range 11-point Florida buck that scored 137 1/8.

Deer Drops Dead From a Shot Where?

If you bowhunt long enough, you’re bound to experience some really interesting reactions by deer. Such was the case with this Florida buck I shot last month. After watching this buck’s reaction, one would think it was hit in the spine or, better yet, the brachial plexus (high shoulder). As you can see from...