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D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s columns and blogs have become a must-read for deer hunters and anyone who loves whitetails. This blog is the melting pot for all the whitetail wisdom that he has gleaned over the years while working with North America’s top deer biologists, behaviorists, hunters and land managers. You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

A thick-bodied buck feeds in a field during an early season archery hunt in northeast Wyoming at Trophy Ridge Outfitters. (photo courtesy of Chad Drawbauch)

Video: Big Velvet Buck Shot During Bowhunt

  BY DANIEL E. SCHMIDT Bowhunters across North America have their favorite broadheads, bows and tree stands. And they also are quick to share the best places to bowhunt in the U.S. I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to travel across the country these past 19 years in search of whitetails and...

Bownhunt on Opening Day

Bowhunting Video: Opening Day Deer Hunt

BY DANIEL E. SCHMIDT What a long 8 months it has been! I kicked off my bowhunting season last week with a trip out to Ralph and Lenora Dampman’s Trophy Ridge Outfitters place in northeast Wyoming. Wyoming has long been a sleeper state for big whitetails and for fantastic bowhunting opportunities. This is the...

Adding Grow the Bone deer feed to your current feeding program can greatly increase the consumption rate of your feed. To inventory the deer using your sites, be sure to place a trail camera nearby.

Big Bucks are Flocking to Grow the Bone Sites

Deer & Deer Hunting contributors from across the country have been field-testing a new product this summer called “Grow the Bone,” a deer nutrition supplement that appeals to the whitetail’s sense of smell. Early reports indicate the product is not only effective in attracting deer, it seems to be helping with antler growth as...

Mature bucks are starting to show the growth of what their antlers will look like this fall.

Big Bucks Starting to Show Velvet Antlers

By Charles J. Alsheimer Antler growth on mature whitetail bucks begins around the end of March.  For the first month this growth represents little more than two inches.  However, by the end of April growth ramps up on most monster bucks in the 4- to 8-year-old range. The accompanying photo is of a buck...


What’s Your Deer Processing Horror Story?

Bits of plastic in your ground burger? How about strands of switchgrass found mixed in your sausage? It could be the deer you dropped off but never got back. Or, possibly, it was the pack of tenderloins that weren’t included with your order. It seems like we all have a venison processing horror story....