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Big Buck Sheds Both Antlers on Film!

Hey everybody, check this out. It is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come across my desk in a while. Jeff Enns posted this on YouTube a while ago, but we first saw it now. He writes: “Here is a mule deer buck that I have trail cam videos and...

Antlered Doe? The Odds are Highly Unlikely

How common are antlered does in the whitetail society? Unlikely. Yet, we hear of reports each year during gun season where hunters shoot large-bodied, antlered deer that are reported as females. In the scientific sense, these deer are not does but rather weird genetic freaks. As reported numerous times in Deer...

Bucks Are Wary Loners, Need Their Own Space

Scientific studies have shown that space is a critical component of a mature white-tailed buck’s habitat requirements. In other words, having a home isn’t enough; he needs to have his own room. Even more interesting, bucks and does have been shown to keep to themselves within their home ranges, even when...