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D&DH Editor Dan Schmidt’s columns and blogs have become a must-read for deer hunters and anyone who loves whitetails. This blog is the melting pot for all the whitetail wisdom that he has gleaned over the years while working with North America’s top deer biologists, behaviorists, hunters and land managers. You can also follow him on Twitter — @DanSchmidtDeer — and Facebook.

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Cool Video: Four Fawns Attack Mother Doe!

What a cool video! Check out the scene as a white-tailed doe nearly gets mugged by four hungry fawns! We get the question a lot here at Deer & Deer Hunting: Will a white-tailed doe nurse fawns that aren’t hers? The typical answer is “no,” at least not for prolonged periods. But that’s not...

Dan Schmidt  Buck with crawly mags

Why Deer Hunting is Good for the Environment

Warning! This video is not for the squeamish. It’s not for those who believe in a Bambi-like natural world, either. I’m posting it to show yet another example of how and why deer hunting — and hunting in general — is good for the environment. How is hunting good for the environment? Well, you...

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Daydreaming of Bowhunting Wyoming Whitetails

Although my whitetail adventures will begin later this month in southern Florida for their rut (yeah, go figure!), I’m already daydreaming about bowhunting northeast Wyoming once again with Ralph Dampman of Trophy Ridge Outfitters. I’ve hunted with Ralph on two other occasions and must say his part of the world is unrivaled when it...

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The Most Accurate and Forgiving Hunting Bow?

It came with a lot of fanfare earlier this year. No cams. Really? Would that even work? A lot of people skeptical, especially longtime archery fanatics. I was not one of them. When Matt McPherson revealed his new No Cam® to bowhunting circles it set the industry on its ear. It still is. After...

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Big Buck Sheds Both Antlers on Film!

Hey everybody, check this out. It is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen come across my desk in a while. Jeff Enns posted this on YouTube a while ago, but we first saw it now. He writes: “Here is a mule deer buck that I have trail cam videos and videos of in...

The sight every bowhunter wants to see: A blood-soaked arrow that hit its mark. (photo courtesy of Cory Johnson/Smokey Valley Archery)

Dan Schmidt: 3 Ways to Become a Better Bowhunter

You don’t have to be a world-class archer to become a deer hunting machine. In fact, the most successful deer hunters are those who develop proficient shooting skills then use their woodsmanship and knowledge of deer anatomy to do the rest. By Daniel E. Schmidt Here are three things you can do this weekend...

Chronic Wasting Disease is fatal to deer and now is in more than two dozen states and Canadian provinces.

Whoa! A Density of 8,907 Deer Per Square Mile?

The latest news out of western Wisconsin: another case of chronic wasting disease found in a penned-deer operation operating at an insane deer density. The deer, a 7-year-old doe, tested positive. The National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, confirmed the test results. As a result, tens of thousands of Wisconsin deer hunters will...


This Happens to 2,200 Deer Hunters Every Year!

    Of more than 11 million whitetail hunters in the U.S., a good portion of those hunters head for their favorite tree stand when bow and gun seasons start in autumn. Did you know that several thousand of these hunters make a fatal mistake each and every year? Sadly, that’s true. Preliminary research indicates...

Deer Buck Growl Vocalization

WATCH: Deer Ducking an Arrow

Can a deer duck, dodge or otherwise avoid being hit by an arrow? This is a common topic among bowhunters, especially when bowhunting season starts. Here’s a little insight from a trail camera sequence capture by our editor-in-chief. By Daniel E. Schmidt Seasoned bowhunters often use the “deer ducked my arrow” excuse as a...