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D&DH Joins Forces With Auburn University for Deer Research

This magazine was founded on practical and comprehensive information on deer for serious deer hunters. As we enter our 40th year, we are beyond pleased to announce that our content well just got a little deeper.

Research at the Auburn Deer Lab includes collaring deer of all ages for tracking and data studies.

Research at the Auburn Deer Lab includes collaring deer of all ages for tracking and data studies.

Beginning with the September issue, we are entering into a new partnership with Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences to provide deer enthusiasts with cutting-edge insights on white-tailed deer research, behavior and biology.

The partnership will include year-round coverage in Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, D&DH-TV and online videos. Founded in 1977, Deer & Deer Hunting was America’s first whitetail-only publication. The TV show is entering its 12th season, and we are now producing more than 150 original videos annually for www.deeranddeerhunting.com and our various social media outlets.

Auburn University has a long history of completing insightful research projects related to white-tailed deer that have improved our understanding of these fascinating animals and their habitats. Auburn University’s current deer research program is continuing this legacy through the many projects conducted at its esteemed 430-acre research facility located in Camp Hill, Ala., and on public and privately owned lands throughout the Southeast.

The goals of the deer research program include conducting relevant research that improves current knowledge of the biology, ecology and management of white-tailed deer and their habitats and to disseminate this research to both the scientific community and the general public. The deer program attracts more than 30 students annually, including up to six graduate students, and is led by Prof. Stephen S. Ditchkoff. Longtime D&DH Research Editor John J. Ozoga has cited the university’s research numerous times over the years. And don’t worry about John: He’s not going anywhere. He will still be providing his exclusive insights from peer-reviewed studies in his exclusive science-based feature articles.

The D&DH/Auburn partnership will not only benefit the education of every deer hunter in America, it will help all wildlife stewards. We could not hand- pick a better team of wildlife researchers than those at the University of Auburn in our goal to adhere to our 40-year effort of providing the most comprehensive and practical information on white-tailed deer to the public.