Deer Antler Sheds: Awesome 8-Point Set

Finding deer antler sheds sometimes requires luck

Finding a deer antler shed is exciting. Finding a matched set is incredible! The author's friend found both sides to this awesome 8-pointer while out shed hunting yesterday. (photo courtesy of Lon Sherman)

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #10

by Lon Sherman

Today was a slow day for me, but my friend sure hit the jackpot.

He was out looking for deer antler sheds in a patch of big-woods timber about 25 miles north of where I was shed hunting. After coming across an area with abundant deer sign, he found both sides to this awesome 8-pointer. What an incredible find. This mature buck had it all: great mass, long tines and long, sweeping main beams. Best of all, this deer is still roaming the countryside! One can only wonder how big this whitetail buck will be this coming hunting season.

We can also only speculate as to how old this deer is, but he is likely at least 4.5 years old. For a deer to survive to that age and beyond is a testament to good management practices, especially in our area. This section of Wisconsin receives a ton of hunting pressure during our annual, bow, gun and muzzleloader seasons. This buck surely walked by a few hunters in his day already. I’m sure it will be difficult for the next hunter who sees him to pass him up!

Your friend,


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