Deer Antler Sheds: Diary of a Diehard

Finding deer antlers is almost as fun as seeing a buck up close.

Hunting for deer antler sheds is Lon Sherman's favorite activity in winter and spring.

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #1

by Lon Sherman

Whitetail deer hunting has been my passion for more than 50 years. However, I am now equally as addicted to searching for deer antler sheds.

Why? Well, for starters, hunting for shed antlers is fun and legal! Where I live (Wisconsin), sheds are legally considered “forest debris,” which means we can keep all of the antlers we find. However, some states, including mine, have regulations on antlers that are still attached to a buck’s skull. So, if you find a dead buck while shed hunting, it is advisable to contact your local warden before removing it from the woods.

I’ve been a diehard shed hunter for many years. Having recently retired from job as a banker, I now find more time to look for antlers and just enjoy the great outdoors. I hope you enjoy my daily updates as much as I’ve enjoy the time I spend walking the fields, woods and wetlands in search of all antlers — big and small.

Now … let’s go shed hunting!

Check back on this blog for daily updates as Lon scours the woods for more additions to his bone collection. For more information on how you can find more sheds, check out the book A GUIDE TO FINDING WHITETAIL DEER ANTLERS.