Deer Antler Sheds: Found One Today!

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #2

by Lon Sherman

Greetings, fellow shed heads!

I covered a lot of ground today. Found a small spike and a very small half of an assumed 6-point. Feet are aching, but it was a productive day.

I also found a large, dead buck that had already shed his antlers. Scavengers already got to the carcass, but his antlers were untouched. I believe we had seen this buck around Christmas-time; he was limping badly at that time.

The buck was still intact enough that I was able to determine he had been the victim of a gunshot from last season. Believe it or not, he had a slug wound in the chest right where you would hold the cross-hairs, Big deer die hard! Don’t know why the shot didn’t put him down … maybe an angle shot … but hole was pretty much round, no slice. However, his front shoulder seemed to be screwed up a little bit.

I also found a dead doe today. That makes nine dead deer we have found so far this winter.

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