Deer Antler Sheds: Phone Calls Leads to Find

Shed Hunting is Fun and Exciting

Lon's son was searching a different property and found a four-point side after the two shed hunters compared notes via a cell-phone conversation. (photo courtesy of Lon Sherman)

 Shed Hunting Guest Blog #7

By Lon Sherman

I just spent a solid three hours walking, looking for deer antler sheds. My travels took me to  a spot where I always find at least one or two sheds. This year, there was very little evidence of buck activity from last fall (i.e. rubs and scrapes). In fact, I only saw about half dozen rubs versus the usual 50 or more.

I know there had been bucks there as during the rut, as I saw four different bucks in that area, including one nice 8-point, while hunting last November. I did see a lot of evidence of deer activity … many droppings and signs of extensive browsing. However, I found zip on the shed antler front. Interestingly, I found one dead turkey.

I will have to give this spot one more shot in a week or so; three hours doesn’t really cover the area very well.

On a brighter note, my son went out after work for couple hours. He called me on the cell phone and we conversed as to where we both were “hunting,” and where we were going. I directed him him to an area that we had not checked in about three weeks. Good news: He found half of a nice presumed 8-point!

I might not get out again until the next first Saturday of the week, which is Monday to most of you. Now that I’m retired, every day is Saturday!

Your friend,


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Check back on this blog for daily updates as Lon scours the woods for more additions to his bone collection. For more information on how you can find more sheds, check out the book A GUIDE TO FINDING WHITETAIL DEER ANTLERS