Deer Antler Sheds: Running Out of Places to Look

Shed Antler Blog with Lon Sherman

The author found two more deer antler sheds from yearling bucks. Rodents had already found the left side, chewing down to next-to-nothing. (photo courtesy of Lon Sherman)

Shed Hunting Guest Blog #12

by Lon Sherman

This great weather has made for some enjoyable days in the field, but the ticks are really out in full force. It should make for an interesting turkey season. In some areas, the ticks are so thick that I literally had to brush dozens of them off my pant legs at times. Have to be careful and check your legs, armpits and hairline at the end of each trip outdoors!

My son, Lance, and I put in several more hours in our attempt to locate some sheds. We came home with these little gems. We found the chewed-up shed in one area and then picked up a half of a presumed small 8-point. I’m pretty sure I had this deer stand in front of me during bow season last fall. Passed him up at about 20 yards; it could have been my first crossbow kill.  Oh well. I’ve shot plenty of deer over the years. These days, hunting to me is just getting out there and enjoying the sights and sounds more than anything else.

I have been hitting it pretty hard, as you can probably tell, and it appears that I am running out of places to look. It seems as though we have covered every little spot we know at least 20 times over. However, it is funny how sheds from years past keep showing up.

With that in mind, maybe we haven’t looked everywhere … eh ?

Your friend,



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