Deer Antler Sheds: Two Lucky Finds


Deer antler shed 1

Lon's first find of the day was on an open hillside amidst some mature oaks.

Shed Hunting Guest Blog, #14

by Lon Sherman

This heat is really slowing me down. I guess that’s what happens when you’re retired. But, hey, I’m not going to let a little thing like that keep me out of the deer woods! Every day is a blessing, and every day teaches me something new about the lands I walk. For me, that’s amazing, because I’ve been walking these same woods, day after day, year after year, for decades. I’m simply fascinated when I find a shed antler someplace new. It’s almost as if the deer are trying to teach me something. And I’m sure they probably are.

Deer antler shed 2

Lon's second find of the day was a bit more subtle — a half of a spike. These are usually the toughest ones to see, because they blend in so well.

In any event, I walked more than half the day today … 4.5 hours to be exact. There are way too many ticks out here right now. These 70+ degree days can be thanked for that. I hear the walleyes are already running on the big rivers. Might need to take a break here pretty soon and join one of my buddies in a boat.

Even more amazing, it seems like the spring frogs have been chirping all month. It’s only March! Incredible.

Plan on going shed hunting again tomorrow, though. Still have a few places I want to check and re-check before hanging it up for the year.


Deer antler shed 3

No matter how big they are, two sheds in one day is a pretty decent "day at the office."

Your friend,


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