Deer Antler Sheds: Unfinished Business

Deer antler shed frozen in puddle

Lon found this shed two weeks ago but couldn't retrieve it because it was frozen in several inches of standing water.

Shed Hunting Guest Blog, #15

by Lon Sherman

True, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger was the once who popularized the phrase, “I’ll be baaack,” but I was the one who was saying it today.

Remember the antler that was frozen in time? Well, I couldn’t forget about it. And today was the day to take care of the unfinished business of adding it to my collection.

I’m actually surprised I found it. I knew the area where it had been dropped and frozen in several inches of standing water, but that grasses section camouflaged the antler so well that it took some time to find it again.

Lon finally retrieves the frozen shed

More than a week of warm weather allowed the ground to thaw, giving the author the chance to finally retrieve the frozen shed.

After retrieving that antler, I went out and walked a cut cornfield for more than two hours. Cornfields are usually great places to find something … even when you’ve walked them before. Not this time. Zip. Zero. Nada.  I cut the trip short, however, because it was very hot out there.

Still way too many ticks. Jumped one deer while walking today, that’s it. Had two sandhills crane and three turkeys in the back yard this morning; all the turkeys were all hens, but two had beards. How cool is that?

Your friend,


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