Did Nugent Whack & Stack Piers Morgan?


“Ted Nugent wants all the deer dead.”

“Ted Nugent wants to put a
machine gun in every American’s hands.”

“Ted Nugent is a raving lunatic.”

Is he? First watch this, and share your thoughts below.

3 thoughts on “Did Nugent Whack & Stack Piers Morgan?

  1. Wild Bill

    Ted knows he’s talking to a wall, but somebody else listening may agree with him. Go Ted!

  2. tansix

    Amen Ted !! We all need to grow a set, and get after the the bums and vote them out. We are in a big fight for 2012 either we are all in or we lose big time. It’s time that we stop thinking about who,s damn feelings get hurt, and begin to all stand together and let let the bum’s know, that what they are trying to take away from us, and what is very dear to our hearts. is not going to be taken away from us, without one hell of a fight!!! So Amen to TED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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