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Greetings to my venison BloodBrothers once again on yet another glorious summerday July 24, 2014 in America, on my deeranddeerhunting.com Uncle Ted NugeBlog #47. I suppose we should stop meeting like this, but hey, who would want to tamper with such a wonderful unprecedented communication opportunity like this where the greatest hands-on conservationists in the world can gather and celebrate the ultimate dream lifestyle of deerhunting? Not I, your humble guitarplaying bowhunting dreamer, not I.

By Ted Nugent

Since last week’s NugeBlog#46, I have been traveling nonstop to the cities of Council Bluffs IA, Merrillville IN, Deeeeeeeeeetroit MI, Huntington NY, Montclair NJ, Penn’s Peak PA, and tonight in Columbus OH. I don’t know how we do it, but me and my killer band and crew throttle on mercilessly everyday, everynight, every gig, every song, every lick, every jam and the SHUTUP&JAM! 2014 runaway rock-n-roll freight train chugs along like a fine tuned piece of sonic bombast spirit science machinery at its finest.

The daily meetings I am honored to be a part of in each city continues to fortify my soul that America is wall to wall good, wonderful people. It sure seems like everybody loves their deerhunting lifestyle to the maxx, and it does this old WhackMaster good to be privileged to get to know so many in my travels.

Thank you America.

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Memorial Day weekend.

Ted Nugent has been rocking for more than 50 years and always celebrates America on Memorial Day weekend.

I get a lot of young boys and girls in these daily meetings, and though we discuss life’s various fun and games, killer R&B&R&R music theory, various political madness, our We The People duties, and a wide range of subjects, these gatherings are more than 60% about hunting and our right to keep and bear arms.

More and more Americans are rising to the cause at hand, awakening from the embarrassing, self-inflicted curse of disconnected apathy, to fulfill their American responsibility to passionately engage their elected officials to thank them for the good that they do, but more importantly, to hammer them about the bad and ugly that has run amok in our government for far too long.

Yowza! What a nice buck!

Yowza! What a nice buck!

This sacred experiment in self-government, by any and all intelligent considerations, demands that good Americans participate, and keep pressure on our elected employees to be accountable and stick to US Constitutionally guided policies and regulations that adhere to logic, self-evident truth, and in the case of wildlife management, the irrefutably proven sound sustain yield science.

When 48 of the 50 states have proven that the Rage broadhead is an effective broadhead, residents of the last two states that outlaw them need to admit to the universal evidence of their deadly effectiveness, and get rid of the nonsensical ban on them.

When the majority of states do not mandate our bows be transported in a case, and the proof that such a regulation accomplishes nothing beneficial whatsoever, this law too should be thrown out.

When so many states prove that there are zero problems with driving an ATV on one’s private property or on our “we the people” owned public property with our bow or firearms uncased, such laws forbidding this freedom should be eliminated.

Lazer_Eye_Lighted_NocksWhen honest people universally determine that lighted nocks are a proven benefit in better identifying our hit on game, the last two states that ban them should wake up and stop looking so foolish.

When 49 states experience zero problems with the use of game cameras, it is inexplicable why the great Big Sky hunting, outdoor, ranching, rugged individualism state of Montana clings to such a goofy law banning their use during the hunting season.

When everyone in MA knows they need to increase the annual deer kill to reduce agriculture damage and highway collisions, everybody knows they should start their season earlier and extend it later to better utilize this critical surplus resource while increasing family hours of recreation and increased revenues into the economy. Well, everybody that is except disconnected, irresponsible goofball bureaucrats.

And Dear God in heaven, the feeble arguments supporting the Sunday hunting ban in those last 10 states is just phenomenally embarrassing. What man determines another American’s choice on Sunday? What American can interfere with another American’s choice of restful activities? What American can tell another American landowner his hunting weekend is cut in half for any reason whatsoever?

The Sunday hunting ban thing is truly deep into the realm of the bizzarro and we must fight harder to get the other 50% of our “we the people’s” hunting season back ASAP in those states.

Sunday hunting bans are not just un-American, they are anti-American.



So here I am, like a dog in heat, charging forth fulltime with all the “we the people” spirit and attitude I can muster every day, fighting the goodfight with all I got, shoulder to shoulder, spirit to spirit with the best working hard, playing hard, hunting hard Americans a backstrap addicted guitarplayer could ever dream of.

And just to remind everyone how braindead some human beings can be in this pathetic world of political correctness and regulations gone berserk, did you know that it is against the law in Michigan to pick up a shed elk antler. You read that right. Illegal to pick up and possess a shed elk antler.

After more than 6,000 nuisance bear complaints, Florida still refuses to open a regulated, limited bear hunting season, even though the science is indisputable that it is the right thing to do.

Florida black bearIn the once proud state of Colorado that now operates like some kind of weird suburb of San Francisco, we the people have no spring bear season nor can we use hounds and bait, but government goons will throw untold tax dollars into the furnace hiring USDA hunters to kill bears year round by using hounds and bait. Seriously. Look it up.

The great hunting state of Maine is in a life and death war with the animal rights freaks from peta, Humane Society of the United States and other soulles scam artists from hell to maintain the proven black bear management methodology of hunting over bait.

Every state in the nation has some hunting and trapping regulations that are unbelievably anti-science, anti-wildlife management and downright anti-American.

Save the Rack and Protect Your Back!

Whew! 1984 has arrived to the Planet of the Apes flew over the cuckoos nest meets the Twilight Zone soilent green clockwork orange Saturday Night Live Bass-O-Matic punked TV.

Meanwhile, at least my CA BloodBrothers are bagging some dandy blacktail beasts out there in Northern CA God’s country, our beloved fall season of harvest is right around the corner, I have 21 more ferocious SHUTUP&JAM! concerts to go through August 17, where we ultraROCK a benefit concert for the wonderful Hunt For Warriors military charity in Midland, Texas.

See ya all here next week, and be sure to join us at my facebook/tednugent electronic campfire communication epicenter where millions of people from around the world gather, where we can promote and celebrate this wonderful hands-on conservation lifestyle of deerhunting.

As my pretty little lovesong “I Love My BBQ” on SHUTUP&JAM! says: “I love my BBQ, it’s what Americans do. Pull up a chair I’ll get a beer for you! That tofu just might kill you. Toss salad makes you week. We like to kill em & grill em baby, it’s protein that we seek. Something’s gonna die! I love my BBQ, it’s what the Africans do. Pull up a chair I’ll get a beer for you.”

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