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Fat, Happy and Sassy With Deer Season Going Fullbore!

Ted Nugent's celebrating hunting season the best way he knows how, by going hunting a lot and enjoying wild game meals every night with his family and friends!

Ted Nugent’s celebrating hunting season the best way he knows how, by going hunting a lot and enjoying wild game meals every night with his family and friends!

NUGEBLOG#60, October 23, 2014?!? Really? #60! Are you kidding me? I’ve written 60 of these little ditties! Seriously?

Oh the humanity of it all! So what we have here is the old addicted backstrapper that hunts every day all season long actually has time to write a deeranddeerhunting.com NUGEBLOG every week? Wow, that’s truly amazing isn’t it? All I can say is HALLELUJAH with a big fat greasy YOWZA to boot.

Actually, I find time to write for a dozen sporting/hunting publications including an exclusive Nuge piece in every issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine as well.

KillerCool huh!

So here I am late in the evening of October 22, just wrapping up a hard-earned scrumptious meal of fresh whitetail backstraps with steamed veggies with my lovely, dangerous bowhunting cabin babe Mrs. Nugent, and I must admit I’m feeling rather fat, happy and sassy, if I do say so myself.

My two wonderful Labradors are on the couch with us all stretched out and sound asleep after a full day of ultra-hardcore squirrel hunting. I just sent in my weekly NugeBlog for wnd.com (World Net Daily) which you all oughtta read, which is like a political varmint hunting piece that I am confident you all would enjoy.

I dragged my weary fanny in from the home swamp here in Michigan at dark again tonight, after a harrowing day of tracking a gorgeous mature eight point that I arrowed last night at dusk. Unsure of the hit, we opted to play it safe and not push what I knew was a very special beast.

Only a deerhunter knows what that night was like!

The decision paid off and we struggled through the most phenomenal muck-hell a deerhunter could ever dream of traversing.

Squirrels, ducks, deer ... Ted's an equal-opportunity whackmaster!

Squirrels, ducks, deer … Ted’s an equal-opportunity whackmaster!

I love my swamp, I hate my swamp! Without question, our vast home Michigan swamp/marsh is the most difficult terrain to walk on earth, with hidden mounds of floating muck, crotch high sawgrass and reeds, with invisible water/muck holes that can sometimes suck you down helplessly. There also are pockets of actual quicksand! Ahh… such adventure we have!

Ultra-slowly and painstakingly following the sparse bloodtrail for about 200 yards for about an hour, SpiritWild VidCamDude BigJim and I finally saw that ever loving white belly across the little creek and we broke into a degree of joyous celebration that only a bloodtrailing deerhunter can imagine or understand.

It took us quite a while and genuine struggle to get the 200-pound buck into an area where we could load him into the Polaris. After recapping the whole wonderful ordeal on video for our Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel, many photos were taken and I probably texted a hundred hunting buddies a series of photos to celebrate with us.

I am pretty good with the English language, but feel somewhat inadequate when it comes to describing the incredible level of happiness and satisfaction we feel when we hunt hard, discipline ourselves to enormous degrees of patience, and wait for that ideal high percentage kill shot.

I share my hunting adventures with millions of people on my facebook page on a regular basis, and of course our fellow hunters get it and join in with the common sense celebration. It is important to note that of the millions of people that monitor my facebook, it is rather gratifying to hear how the vast majority on nonhunters also get it and respond absolutely positively to what we know is the natural annual season of harvest. Only a complete idiot fails to understand why Thanksgiving occurs toward the end of November.


Ted Nugent American Flag ducksSo a glowing, effervescent all American BloodBrother HAPPY PRE-RUT to you all, as the planets are beginning to align where deer activity is getting a powerful upkick every day as the bucks prepare for the annual breeding party.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope the buck of your dreams makes a mistake, stops in the clear 20 yards out upwind, looks the other way, and stretches his foreleg exposing the magic window to his vitals for you to send the mystical flight of your arrow straight into the pumpstation for assured backstrap heaven. That’s what I wish for you all.


My good friend Dana Loesh has released her first book titled “HANDS OFF MY GUN,” which is loaded with definitive anti-gun crushing stats, facts, logic and commonsense we must all know and have on the tip of our tongue to destroy the lies and scams of anti-gunners everywhere.

That being said, I would also highly recommend you all check out American 2nd Amendment hero warrior John Lott, author of More Guns = Less Crime. Professor Lott now heads up the Crime Prevention Research Center that is dedicated fulltime to gather data and irrefutable evidence that all anti-gun attempts are nothing but scams and based on lie after lie after lie. See his amazing work at crimeresearch.org and share with everyone you know.

And of course nothing says FREEDOM like an NRA membership. Not just for yourself, but as a gift for everyone you know.

Good hunting to you all. See you on facebook, and hunt like you mean it!

Want more Ted? Visit his website at www.TedNugent.com for updates on his trips, tours and music.

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    I’ve really enjoyed reading your articles Ted! More than that I like the lifestyle that you promote. There is something so wonderful about getting out there in the woods and being able to overcome the adversity of the day. Too many people are stuck watching T.V. instead. I read that Mrs. Nugent likes to bowhunt, what types of bow’s do y’all use? After reading a compound bow review on http://www.bowmanship.com an shooting my buddys bow, I was all over the carbon spyder turbo. It truly is a fantastic shooter.

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