Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Go for It, SpiritBloodbrothers! I Smell Fall!

TED Halon buck

I know. It’s still the middle of summer and the living is easy. Hell, it’s not even August yet, but as I merrily dance off the stage each and every night from the greatest musical outrage of my long rockin’ life, dripping puddles of sweet BBQ sweat and happiness, overjoyed at the most intense soulmusic in the history of mankind, far, far removed from my beloved deerwoods, I swear to God, I SMELL FALL!

By Ted Nugent

Not only do I rock like an animal every night in harmony with the highest energy audiences a rocker could ever dream of, but each and every day on this phenomenal SONIC BAPTIZM NugeTour 2016, I get to hang with and communicate with my fellow gungho diehard hunting buddies here, there and everywhere, celebrating this ultimate passion of the hunting life.

TED Tour photo2My California and Florida buddies are already procuring sacred backstraps in the early season. A bunch of guys I know are in the mountains out west gearing up to chase majestic wild sheep and Rocky Mountain goats. There are pronghorn hunters sweating it out in groundblinds over waterholes somewhere.

A cursory cruise across the magical internet hinterlands will produce an orgy of deerhunting preparation activity, sharing strategies, trailcam evidence, gear ideas and plans for this year’s ultimate dreamhunts.

I’m telling you that I am surely not the only one who smells the advancing spirit aroma of our favorite time of year.

TED Tour photo1I have my amazing Mathews Halon bow on the road with me and as the ultimate warmup for the ultimate rock-n-roll outrage everynight, there is nothing that can compare with the aim small miss small mystical flight of the arrow mind, body, spirit control of zinging a bouquet of lovely GoldTip Nuge zebra arrows into the pumpstation of a lifelike Morrell deer target.

No wonder my guitar never gently weeps.

When hubbing out of our Texas SpiritWild Ranch home for southwest gigs or from our little Michigan swamp cabin for Midwest concerts, you can find me every day working on stands, trimming shooting lanes, practicing, tuning gear, rotating Bushnell trailcams, putting our mineral blocks and supplemental feed and attractants and constantly cruising and exploring new ground and potential new stand sites.

When even a hint of a cold-front is sensed, my nostrils flare uncontrollably, my trigger finger twitches, and I swear the hair on the back of neck literally comes to attention as I grind my canines.

TED Rifle buckI know all the sporting goods stores across North America are experiencing their much anticipated annual mad late summer rush of backstrap addicted sporters converging on the killer gear infested shelves. The fever never really goes away, but when October is only a few pages away on our calendars, the fever begins to hit its pitch, and Lord have mercy, there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

There are still some casual hunters out there, but I don’t know any. For those who take it easy and look to the occasional hunt afield as a sporting get away, I would encourage you to turn up your game. The joys you experience in this casual approach will indeed accelerate and modulate the more serious you get and the more intensely you dedicate yourselves to it.

I promise you!

So go for it my Spirit BloodBrothers. Turn up the predator radar every day. Let your camo freakflag fly! ITis right around the corner now. Celebrate it like you mean it. Get your family and friends and co-workers to give it a try. Baptize them into the great Spirit of the Wild. It will cleanse their soul.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows, and also at World News Daily, Newsmax and Daily Caller for more insights.


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