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Hang on While I Compose Myself and Kill This Deer!

Hang on. I will be with you in a minute here. Excuse me while I attempt to compose myself. Excuse me while attempt to compose my NUGEBLOG#62. Excuse me whilst I kiss the sky!

By Ted Nugent

Only a fellow American deerhunting BloodBrother could have any idea what I am feeling and going through right now, for today, during actual daylight, a magnificent trophy mature whitetail buck of a lifetime just happened to meander into my personal killzone, torture me temporarily, then have the audacity to turn broadside at 18 yards and give me the dream shot every bowhunter dreams of.

Then I killed him with the prettiest doggone arrow of my life!

This gorgeous Michigan beast provided an 18-yard shot and ultrafantastic memories!

This gorgeous Michigan beast provided an 18-yard shot and ultrafantastic memories!

Oh HALLELUJAH! Glory Glory Hallelujah!

So much to convey. So much immeasurable dynamo exploded in my poor tortured being to express here. My deeranddeerhunting.com editor BloodBrother Alan Clemons texted me as I settled into my treestand tonight asking if my NugeBlog was coming soon. With a small doe already moving toward me, I immediately texted back, letting him know I would write and send it soon after dark.

Even though the rut is kicking in strong here in southern Michigan, I have been skunked for the last couple of weeks and have been getting somewhat frustrated.

I say somewhat because we all know that even the worse day of hunting is one of the best days of our lives and is cherished like nothing else by those of us addicted to the hunting lifestyle.

I was hunting a spectacular 200 acres piece of deer heaven that I have owned for many years. My son Toby and I have scored on more than our share of real bruisers in the 130- to 160-inch range.

But when the antlers of tonight’s stud flashed through the remaining oak leaves of my tree, heading in my direction, that very special deerhunter’s out-of-body experience started. I can only feel sorry for my fellow human beings who will never know such powerful sensations.

Hours and hours of practice pays off during deerseason!

Hours and hours of practice pays off during deerseason!

My SpiritWild VidCamDude Kris Helms was rolling and when the shot materialized, all those 1000s and 1000s of hours and 1000s and 1000s of practiced arrows took over my inner predator psyche, and like the ultimate tooth, fang and claw ballet of life and death took on a life of its own, and my beautiful orange fletched zebra Gold Tip arrows slammed that little Muzzy 85-grain two-blade broadhead clean through the beast’s shoulder.

The seven-year-old monarch galloped like Sea Biscuit into the foodplot and made it only 50 yards before he collapsed in a heap.

What Kris and I went through in the next moment is only available to deerhunters, and Deer God in Heaven did we live it for all it was worth.

My November 5th celebration includes my wonderful grandson Jack’s 13th birthday, a grand GOP midterm election victory and a true whitetail of a lifetime that I would have never imagined would have showed up tonight, or any night for that matter.

I hunt hard every day and was feeling very sore and tired today. I actually was too sore and tired with other health complications to do my daily chores after the morning hunt. I was down for the count.

But years ago I was so very fortunate to become friends, BloodBrothers, with the great U.S. Navy SEAL hero warrior Marcus Luttrell, the author of LONE SURVIVOR. Laying in bed feeling out of it, I literally called upon an inner strength by summoning the image of Marcus in his life and death struggle in Afghanistan.

I knew I couldn’t possibly be hurting as much as he was, and he never quit crawling to survive.

 I asked myself, “What would Marcus do?”

I stretched, took a couple of pain pills, stretched a little more, donned my Mossy Oak ScentBlocker kill clothes, loaded Kris and my Mathews into the truck and decided to hit my far west foodplot at the edge of the swamp.

And then he came.

Happy rut 2014 my deeranddeerhunting BloodBrothers. Tiz the season to he jolly. Never give up. Never say never. It’s all about putting in the hours, playing the wind, always getting out there. Right place, right time. Goodluck, good hunting, Godbless and Godspeed to you all.

May your backstraps flow forever! The beast is dead, long live the beast.

Thank you Lord for making me a deerhunter.

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