How to Hang a Deer Hunting Ladder Stand Safely

No matter how you hunt in your treestand, getting it up and secured safely on stable ground is of paramount importance.

With ladder stands it’s best to have a buddy to help you get them put up, especially with some of the 2-man stands that are heavier or taller.

Do you know how to safely hang a ladder stand for deer hunting?

Sounds like a simple question, right? Deer hunters hang thousands of ladder stands every year. Some are homemade stands, usually constructed of 2×4 lumber and platforms. Others are manufactured stands from the various companies, which have myriad options from lightweight, simple one-man stands to the more sturdier two-man models made from heaver steel.

Ladder stands are great to hunt from, too. Whether it’s a one- or two-man stand, they provide a stable platform, seat, shooting rail on some models and, if it’s a two-man stand, room for your backpack, bow or gun, or a companion. Some hunters put their pack and gear beside them on the platform or on the seat, and others hang them from hooks in the tree around the stand to get them out of the way.

Whatever you do in the stand, getting it up and secured safely on stable ground is of paramount importance. We here at DDH and elsewhere in the industry hear stories like this one every year from hunters who fell and were injured but survived. We also hear the terrible news reports about those who didn’t survive, and have friends or acquaintances who have fallen.

Treestand safety whenever you’re elevated — be it in a climbing stand, lock-on or ladder stand — is something we can easily do by buying and using a good fall-restraint safety harness and lifeline. Getting the stand in place is the first step, though.

Take a look at this great step-by-step tutorial from Hunter Safety System about how to safely put up a ladder stand for deer hunting:


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