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Happy September American Hunters!

TED with double bucksNow we’re talkin’! September baby! Even though the tail-end summer temperatures are still stupid sweltering hot petty much everywhere and I still have three more outrageous skull crushing concerts to rockout, I do believe it is safe to say- HAPPY FALL 2016!

What the heck! With some deerseasons, pronghorn, bear, moose, caribou, sheep and goats well under way in many regions, there are legions of hard-at-it hunters across the land who are already packin’ straps in California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, South Carolina, Alaska and across Canada and beyond.

Lucky lucky you guys! Godspeed!

Congrats to all who have connected so far and to the rest of you heading out for the openers in Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah and elsewhere, goodluck to you all.

And of course a happy opening day of dove season nationwide to everyone across North America wherever these wonderful, challenging, exciting, delicious, ubiquitous winged Federal migratory gamebird morsels abound.

Everywhere except in the embarrassing state of Michigan that is.

Ted with with Don Trump Jr. at the NRA show.

Ted with with Don Trump Jr. at the NRA show.

Just think about it; Michigan produces more mourning doves, the world’s #1 hunted game animal, not just the #1 gamebird, but the #1 legally hunted anything on earth, than it does all the legal pheasants, quail, woodcock and grouse combined, but defies self-evident truth and the federal migratory gamebird designation and pretends this universally celebrated gamebird miraculously becomes a “songbird” when it is found in Michigan.

That’s not just embarrassing, it’s stupid.

Shame on you Michigan. Shame on you Michigan Natural Resources Commission. Shame on you Michigan Department of Natural Resources. Shame on you Michigan United Conservation Clubs. Shame on you Michigan Safari Club International. Shame on you Michigan Department of Tourism. Shame on you Governor Schneider.  Shame on all of us Michigan sportsmen and women and conservationists for not performing our we the people hellraising duties adequately to demand this irrefutably science based wildlife management truth.

Shame on us all for not admitting this truth and standing up for it effectively enough to get past this mindless, dishonest, irresponsible insanity of lying that the #1 gamebird on earth somehow miraculously becomes a songbird when it is within the Michigan borders.

Hunting doves in North America provides more family hours of recreation than any other hunting or fishing activity. Dove hunting generates more revenues for guns, ammo, hunting licenses, sporting goods, supplies, food, lodging, groceries, gas, ice, coolers, bacon, travel, restaurants, motels, land use, leases and assorted expenditures than any other outdoor activity.

But not in Michigan. Nah, Michigan doesn’t need any of those benefits. How silly to think so. Clearly the Mourning dove is the bird of peace and much too small to eat, and I’m just a bloodthirsty radical.

I mean my God! Dove hunting is legal in California and Illinois but not Michigan!

Write this down; doves are gamebirds, not songbirds. To claim otherwise makes you a liar.

Meanwhile, with more licensed bowhunters than any other state in the nation, Michigan further embarrasses itself by wasting more hard earned tax dollars in an already strangled economy to hire so called “sharpshooters” to slaughter 1000s and 1000s of deer in the state, forcing this precious official state big game animal right out of the asset column directly into the liability column in those areas.

And another Michigan doozy (also tragically common is way too many states) is the criminal oath violating 2nd Amendment infringement making it illegal to have an uncased long-gun in or on a motor-vehicle, even on your own private property!

I could go on but I think I’m going to throw up.

If you want proof that bureaucrats have no soul, look no further that my beloved birthstate of Michigan.

Once the #1 hunting State in the nation, now the laughing stock of hunters everywhere.

Meanwhile we keep fighting for science based, truth based, logic and commonsense based hunting regulations across America, and though we are making some headway on occasion, the battle never ends and I just wish more hunters would rise from their apathetic asses and join the fight.

Ted Nugent has hunted for decades with everything from stone tips to mechanicals.

Ted Nugent has hunted for decades with everything from stone tips to mechanicals.

That any human being anywhere much less in the land of the free and the home of the brave could possibly support Sunday hunting bans anywhere is an indictment that some Americans are loony and fail miserably to grasp the concept of individual rights and basic freedom.

Just think about Sunday hunting bans for a moment. You work hard all year to enjoy the hunting season, and some soulless punk says you can’t hunt your own farm during the rut.

If that’s not insane, then animals will obtain rights immediately following the BBQ.

And how about California and Colorado bear hunters not being allowed to use hounds or bait or have a spring season, while tax paid (wasted) government hunters get to kill bears year round using hounds and bait.

And how about the spineless bureaucrats in Florida that know damn well the bear population is dangerously out of hand but buckled to the out and out lies of the animal rights freaks and halted the desperately needed bear season this year.

And here’s one to truly offend honest people everywhere! As bureaucrats squawk and whine about the habitat destroying overpopulation of bison in the Grand Canyon National Park, these dolts have the audacity to actually expect we the people to believe they have no idea how to reduce this valuable herd of recreational meat.

Really? No clue how to reduce bison numbers.

No hunting allowed on national parks is a disgrace. Who can possibly attempt to rationalize how habitat carrying capacity and sustain yield science doesn’t apply to national parks?

And here’s a little reminder for those who have allowed themselves to be tragically dumbed-down by the American anti-education system- The National Parks belong to we the people, not government goons.

Who could possibly not know this?

Soulless bureaucrats, dishonest King George oath violators, that’s who.

Does any of this nonsense sound like America to you?

Maybe a fundamentally transformed politically correct trainwreck of America but sure as hell not the real America I was born in.

And then there is the unbelievable CWD scam being perpetrated on an ignorant, clueless public.

If baiting or feeding deer increases the likelihood of spreading CWD according to some state’s deer biologists, then why do other state’s biologists allow baiting and feeding and in fact encourage it to reduce herd numbers as an assist in combating CWD?

Isn’t deer science deer science everywhere deer are found? Why would Iowa DNR allow feeding prior to the season opener but not after opening day while Michigan DNR won’t allow any feeding until opening day?

Is Peter allowed to speak with Paul? Do they speak the same language? Are they the same species? Do either of them give a good damn?

If CWD is such a danger to deer and elk, then why did the South Dakota game agency drop the fences around the Wind River State Park and allow known CWD infected elk to mingle and join up with the free range elk in the state?

I’ll tell you why; because CWD is a nasty scam and many state bureaucrats are pathological liars defying their oath to science to instead plummet into the mindless put of political correctness more interested in hanging onto their pensions than doing the right thing, that’s why.

Ted and Caeden work on his form which looks pretty doggone good! Take a kid hunting this season!

Ted and Caeden work on his form which looks pretty doggone good! Take a kid hunting this season!

The criminal corruption and abuse of power we see constantly from the Barak Obama’s, Eric Holder’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, Loretta Lynch’s and Hillary Clinton’s and so many professional scam artists of the world runs amok in many state game departments as well and we the people damn well better get serious demanding accountability from our elected employees right fast.

Are we going to have a wonderful hunting season in spite of all the corruption anyway? Of course we are, but that doesn’t mean we should buckle under, bend over and accept the putrid status quo nonsense when we know damn well the status quo is so wrong and deficient and must be eliminated ASAP.

It is indeed the glorious month of September, and much wonderment is to be had the next few months ahead for us outdoors junkies and real honest to God, down to earth hands-on conservationists.

But this November 2016 means a whole lot more than just another spine tingling, magical rut.

Quite honestly, this November 2016 vote literally means do or die for the America our founding fathers set forth and that so many have died fighting for.

If Hillary Clinton is elected she will infest the Supreme Court with freedom hating, 2nd Amendment trashing, gun banning monsters that will spell doom for allthings we the people individual freedom.

Much more important than deerhunting this November is our call to duty to educate, inspire and guide everyone we know to get out there and vote for Donald Trump.

Donald Trump may not be the perfect candidate, but compared to the disaster of Hillary Clinton, he may as well be Michael the Archangel.

Vote Trump or kiss America good-bye, and a quality hunting season will be the least thing we can worry about.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows, and also at World News Daily, Newsmax and Daily Caller for more insights.


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