Healthy Hunter: Morning Warning Signs Shouldn’t be Ignored

Winter is starting to try to take hold here in the Southeast where I live, and it’s a time of year when many folks don’t think about taking care of one thing they definitely should to help themselves.

Woman Drinking Glass of WaterAnd if you ask them, they’ll try to shrug it off by saying, “Oh, I drink enough.” But chances are good they’re not drinking enough water.

Dehydration is a problem a lot of Americans have but they don’t think it’s a problem or they don’t want to fool with it. Or maybe they think it’s something only for athletes or folks out doing hard work in winter, sweatin’ their buns off in the sun and heat.

Our bodies are comprised primarily of water. Drinking enough is important, whether it’s in January or July. The old standby of “eight 8-ounce glasses a day” may be a good baseline, but everyone’s different. You may want or need more.

I got pretty sapped a couple of weeks ago when I got turned around and had to do some hoofing. I knocked off 44 ounces of Powerade, probably the same amount of water and then I got home and had another couple of big glasses of water.

Runner’s World recently had a cool story about dehydration and how you may be able to detect whether you need more water when you wake up in the morning. Be sure to drink enough and stay hydrated, even in winter.

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