Healthy Hunter: Take Care of Your Feet for Better Comfort

A couple of weeks ago I touched on how important it is to get the right shoes for walking or jogging, and equally as important are the right boots for your hunting needs.

Take care of your feet and you'll be dancing on air during deer season.

Take care of your feet and you’ll be dancing on air during deer season.

It’s important to have the right width in the toe box so your toes can move, you’ll have enough room for your feet to expand later in the afternoon (especially if you walk a lot) and you’ll have a little bit of circulation. The best moisture-wicking socks and uber-super duper boots won’t mean much if your all cramped, crammed and jammed into ill-fitting boots.

Earlier this week I had to get some new orthotic insoles. Three years ago I had a foot problem that hobbled me like a bridge troll from an Aesop’s fable. My podiatrist ruled out a neuroma but did say my too-small shoes were a contributor to the hammer toe and hobbling pain. Orthotic insoles, wider shoes — I went up a size and found some that are constructed with wider toe boxes — and stretching has helped tremendously.

Painful feet are no laughing matter. If you have foot problems or plan to start any exercise program, talk with your physician about the problems. A podiatrist or orthopedic specialist may be on the agenda, too. If you’re a hunter you don’t want to be sidelined. Take care of your dogs so when you’re in the woods hauling out a big buck you’ll be dancing on air.

– Alan Clemons, Managing Editor

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