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The Humane Society of the United States Scam

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I love animals. They’re delicious. No, really. Both. I cannot imagine life without my dogs and stupid cat. Man’s best friend has played an indescribably powerful quality of life role in my life forever. There was Duke, Kippy, Paco, Popeye, Pinecone, Bear, Bruin, Gonzo1, Puppy Toddy, Whitey, Bear2, Porterhouse, Moose, Minnie, Lady, Gonzo2, Thunder, BlackJack, Rocky, Gonzo3 and Happy.

By Ted Nugent

My every day begins with very special time with my dogs. They are my buddies, and life would suck without them. Though no animal can ever rate with the value of a human being, we do surely love our dogs as valued pets, even as extended family members. I think we can all agree that the trauma experienced upon losing a beloved pet is indeed a very emotional time for a family.

Every hunter I know, and there are a lot of them, feels the same way about our pets and animals in general. We also feel an equally powerful affection, respect and connection with the wild animals we hunt, kill and eat. Those modern souls disconnected from the animals that provide us food can’t figure this out, but it is nonetheless a forgone conclusion; hunters love the game animals we hunt, kill and eat.

In the same way our ancestors prayed for the spiritual beasts that gave us food, shelter, clothing, medicine, tools, weapons, happiness and spiritual joy, all the hunters I know in 2014 and beyond deeply connect with wildlife in this way.

Ted Nugent celebrates hunting, slams Humane Society

Celebrate hunting and sustainable protein!

Amazingly, I’ve written two New York Times best sellers, “God, Guns and Rock-N-Roll” and “Ted White & Blue – The Nugent Manifesto,” plus “Kill it & Grill It” and “BloodTrails – The Truth About Bowhunting,” and literally 1,000s of articles for sporting publications, blogs and numerous websites.

Witnessing the insane scourge of animal rights gangs and the vile anti-hunting and anti-gun freaks metastasize as early as the late 1950s, I saw the writing on the wall as denial and political correctness began to infiltrate our society with this bizarre culture war.

As an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, I knew the only way to counterpunch this lunatic fringe was to beat them at their own game. So I began weaving in the facts, logic, commonsense, science, evidence and history of hunting as conservation and the 2nd Amendment as the logical self-defense self-evident truth in everything I did.

In my music, my media interviews, my daily conversations, my writings, my activism at schools, the workplace, in all my public speaking presentations, literally everywhere I went, fulltime, year round, I never apologized or defended, but rather celebrated and promoted the good stuff.

Ted with grandson Jack and super dogs Gonzo and Happy on the spring trap lineWhich brings me to the scam, the curse, the scourge, the lie, the deceit, the bogus ruse that is the Humane Society of the United States: #1 enemy of wildlife and hunters.

Associated in no way with regional Humane Society outfits who are actually dedicated to caring for, spaying, neutering and finding homes for stray dogs and cats, HSUS is clearly a scam enterprise, fooling millions of people into donating with clever smoke and mirrors, bait and switch massive ad campaigns.

In doing so, HSUS actually diverts many millions of dollars from effective animal care into their war chest to end hunting, fishing, trapping, farming and all legitimate animal use.

Here at the deeranddeerhunting.com electro campfire, many of us are convinced it is the most important responsibility of all hunters to educate ourselves and each other about the dishonesty and scam tactics of the HSUS, spread the information to everyone we can everywhere we go and do all in our power to get our elected officials to investigate this deceitful gang, prosecute them and wipe their scamming efforts off the face of the earth.

Their unlimited war chest and huge numbers make them a force to reckon with, but with due diligence and a dedicated united effort by all hunters, we can rock them back on their heels and eventually expose them for what they are and have them held accountable for their long running criminal regime.

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  1. huntingwithkenny

    Well said Uncle Ted. They kill more than they save while living in the lap of luxury. All the while letting all the animals in the wild die of disease and predator When hey could make personal sacrifice of a latte or another espresso to lobby for the sake of the wild animals instead of suing the very people that are trying to help.


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