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Hunt Hard, Hunt Smart, Hunt Fun and Share Your Stories!

Ted with Big BuckBy the time you read this, I will have invested seventeen attempts at ambushing the mighty whitetail deer on my sacred hunting grounds in my birthstate of Michigan, representing approximately 55 hours of treestand time.

By Ted Nugent

Not to mention the 6 setups and many hours prior in the magnificent Upper Peninsula after black bear, from which I arrowed one stunning brute of a rugsteak beast!

And of course there were those wonderful mornings and evenings in Nebraska for the early season where I lucked into a gorgeous she-deer on one morning out of a week’s worth of nonstop ambushing.

I must also mention the stunning porkbeast that eventually crossed my path on our Michigan Sunrize Acres hunting ranch, providing me with every imaginable thrill available to a bowhunter along with the most delicious organic free range pork on earth.

According to the actual experience of this old bowhunter, my luck comes in varying increments of one shot at game with my Mathews bow for about every 26 hours of patience testing treestand time. So far this season I have 9 pairs of hard earned, succulent, beyond scrumptious backstraps as the ultimate reward for such efforts.

After much, often time boring waiting, those few seconds of infamy facing the beast provide more spine chilling excitement than pretty much anything available to us on planet earth. I certainly give a nod to childbirth and hand to hand combat by superior warriors fighting for freedom, but having experienced neither in my life, I am truly blessed to have the hunting lifestyle as a primary source of stimuli, challenge, excitement and sheer fun to provide what I believe to be the greatest quality of life this side of God, family and country.

Look to the heavens and thank God everyday that hunting is such a grand part of our lives.

Ted with old doe

As the fall colors explode into a fiery landscape of awe inspiring beauty, this time of year represent those magic, special months that fuel the rest of the year for so many of us.

I constantly run celebratory photos and brief stories on my facebook page of all my exciting kills along with many great photos from hunting buddies across the land to further promote and celebrate this natural season of harvest.

Of the many millions of people who visit my Facebook page, it is always reassuring that in this otherwise embarrassing world of politically correct dishonesty and feel-good self-imposed ignorance, that still in the fall of 2014 the vast majority of people are smart enough to grasp and acknowledge the simple science of sustain-yield wildlife management success and the logical pragmatism of Thanksgiving in November.

This social media phenomenon is right here in your venison fueled hands my deeranddeerhunting.com BloodBrothers. Who would have thunk but just a few years ago that the old MotorCity Madman Uncle Ted the goofy WhackMaster would find my way into your lives via this strange intergalactic, global, electronic Internet boogie technology to share and celebrate our beloved hunting lifestyle for all the world to see.

Ted with feral hogBut alas, poor Yorik, tiz reality and a reality all who believe in God’s perfect creation of tooth, fang and claw nature should utilize to the maximum of each of our ability to counterpunch that big ugly evil lie of anti-hunting insanity that continues to worm its way into our lives, our schools, our media, our government, our laws and our society in every imaginable way.

Those of us that the live the nature truth as conscientious, reasoning predators have an ever increasing primary responsibility to take those ultra-private times on stand and share them in every way we possibly can.

No more of this hunter as “loner” nonsense. Thank God some brave men defied the “loner” lie and climbed the walls of the Alamo, stormed Normandy and Omaha Beaches and united when uniting was the only way to defeat enemies.

Hunt hard, hunt smart, hunt FUN, and always share stories, photos and those intimate joys that come from every outing during this fantastic time of year. I hope to see you and communicate with you on my facebook electro-campfire as the season builds steam. Celebrate the flesh, celebrate the spirit, celebrate God’s creation in everything you do.

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