Hunter, Battling Cancer, Drops Monster 19-Point Buck


Warren Curtis of Lee, Maine, was hunting with his son, James, on Nov. 15 when this gigantic 19-point, 254-pound buck was spotted within range. Warren Curtis made the shot on the bruiser. (Photo: James Curtis)

Warren Curtis of Lee, Maine, has been a trapper, hunter and outdoorsman for years. Living in Maine can be challenging in winter, when the weather’s not always great. For outdoorsmen it is a tough environment but just part of the deal.

Curtis and his son, James, were hunting near Prentiss in east-central Maine on Nov. 15 when they spotted a monstrous buck. Curtis, who is 70 and terminally ill with cancer, crept from the truck to try to get a better shot. The buck was facing him and didn’t turn broadside, so he took the shot anyway and felt confident.

James walked down the field to where the buck had been and then found it about 50 or so feet away. Both men were stunned at the size of its body and rack, which had 19 points. The deer weighed 254 pounds.

“We had cars stop. It was the biggest thing the town of Prentiss has seen in its life,” Warren Curtis told John Holyoke of the Bangor Daily News. “Apparently, this deer has been there for a number of years. People were saying, ‘He shot the buck!’”


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