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We’ve invited some of our favorite deer hunters to join us in our blogs and share their amazing hunting experiences with you.

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Hunting is Green, Sustainable Living

In The Stand With Keith Warnke Our tradition of hunting is a modern answer to environmental concerns. By Keith Warnke, Wisconsin DNR Hunting and Shooting Sport Coordinator I always knew that one of my primary reasons for hunting is to obtain food. I enjoy everything about using wild game as food — all the...


Will Wisconsin Privatize Public Land?

Guest blog provided by the Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative Walker to Deer Hunters: Pay Up or Get Lost Deer hunting may soon join open government and good schools on the pile of Wisconsin traditions trashed by Governor Scott Walker. Each November, hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites take to the woods to hunt, thinning our...


Whitetail Freak Shed Antler? Check Out This Giant!

Have you seen this whitetail deer antler shed photo? It has been rocketing across the Internet this morning. We do know where or when this photo was taken, and we are only speculating that it is, indeed, from a whitetail. Although it has split G-2s and G-3s, the configuration appears to be more from...

Deer Antler Sheds: Unfinished Business

Shed Hunting Guest Blog, #15 by Lon Sherman True, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger was the once who popularized the phrase, “I’ll be baaack,” but I was the one who was saying it today. Remember the antler that was frozen in time? Well, I couldn’t forget about it. And today was the day to take...