Intro to Archery: Scent Control for Women by Women

A deer trusts its nose above anything else. In fact, researchers at Mississippi State University recently found that a deer’s sense of smell can be 500 to 1,000 times more acute than a human’s. Scent control is a basic tenant of bowhunting and bowhunters typically wash hunting clothes in special detergents that eliminate scent and use shampoos and soaps in the week leading up to the season opener.

Luckily for women who want a salon-quality scent control product, there is a newly established company, Southern Racks LLC, that offers hair and body scent control products that are not as drying as some of the other choices out there.

74518e_9a6b4eee4ef8454593168a0ee67d4963.jpg_srz_p_928_629_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSouthern Racks LLC was founded by Jessica McQueen and Katie Hall, sisters who are also lifelong hunters. With parents who loved to hunt, it made sense for Jessica and Katie to follow along in their footsteps. Both licensed cosmetologists, they decided to create their own scent control product line geared toward women after Jessica turned to bowhunting four years ago.

“I decided to use scent free products to increase my chances. I think I tried every product out there. They would dry my hair out so bad that I would almost be in tears just trying to brush through my hair,” says Jessica.

Jessica turned to her sister and suggested that they make their own scent free hunting hair and body products for women. And who better to create a product than two female hunters who are also cosmetologists?The two knew they would need help designing the product and found a laboratory that was willing to help. They met with a chemist, discussed what they wanted the product to contain and ended up with a shampoo, a conditioner, a lotion and a body wash — all scent free for women who hunt.


Jessica McQueen and Katie Hall (Photo: Southern Racks LLC)

“Our products are natural, sulfate- and paraben-free,” says Jessica, adding that Southern Racks LLC’s products do not have the harsh chemicals found in other brands that can dry out your hair and skin. They are color safe for color treated hair, add moisture and also help retain the moisture in your hair and skin.

“All in all we wanted to make a professional grade product that women could use for hunting without sacrificing their color treatment and all around condition of their hair and skin,” says Jessica. At $10 per item, the products are an economical investment to add to your bowhunting arsenal.

If you are interested in trying out Southern Racks LLC’s products, they are available online or at select local Alabama retailers.

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