Intro to Archery: Spring Prep for the Fall Hunt

Spring has FINALLY sprung here in Vermont and we have been busy. We’ve had the garden freshly tilled (and expanded) along with one of our main food plot areas (also expanded) and have some other bulldozing, brush cutting, and food plot planting lined up for the very near future.

I’ve been taking daily walks with our new puppy, another Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Mackinac, down the powerline and around other trails, scouting for new places to hang trail cameras to get an idea of current deer patterns.

Mackinac (named after Mackinac Island, Michigan)

Mackinac (named after Mackinac Island, Michigan)

There are a few different places that are near a running stream and face different patches of the woods on our property I’d like to stake out. We’ve also worked on clearing a few other areas beyond our normal range in an effort to obtain more visibility and future food plot acreage.

20150515_113849I am anxious to get outside and start practicing, but need to head to my local archery shop before I can get out there. Why? Because when I opened my bow case a few weeks ago, ready to do a bit of shooting in honor of the finally warm weather, upon inspection I noticed one of my cams is cracked. And I cannot for the life of me figure out what happened.

2014 Hoyt Ignite -- no idea how I cracked the cam.

2014 Hoyt Ignite — no idea how I cracked the cam.

And I also have another bow that I need to get setup: a 2015 Eva Shockey Bowtech that I am super psyched to try out this season!

IMG_8713 (267x400)But of course while setting up my new bow and fixing my old one are major priorities, our weekends have been full of all sorts of obligations that have made getting to the bow shop a hard thing to fit in. Well, luckily, our next few weekends are open and I plan to get there as soon as I can!

Have you ever been surprised by a cracked cam or other issue with your bow like this? Do you have a new bow this season? What did you get?

I’m also leaning towards trying a different release, though I’m not sure what I want yet. Now that I’m past my first season and know what to expect, what I’m comfortable with and what I like, I’m interesting in trying out a few different releases and rests for the new bow. Any thoughts?