Intro to Archery: Food Plots and Trail Cameras

Summer has finally arrived here and we’ve embraced the sudden surge of warm weather, spending most of the day outside – swimming in our pond, working in the garden, practicing with our bows, and prepping our property for the upcoming deer season through cultivating food plots and setting up trail cameras.

Earlier in the summer, we decided to tackle the tiny trees, spiky bushes, and other sparse vegetation hindering sightlines from our treestands and making planting food plots unwieldy.

Clearing brush with our trusty Honda Pioneer.

Clearing brush with our trusty Honda Pioneer.

I recently had the chance to set up a new trail camera – the Browning Spec Ops Full HD. It has two unique features that are not on my other trail cameras:

  1. Full HD 1920 x 1080 video with AUDIO. We have video options on our other trail cameras, but none of them have audio. I’m very excited to see what we end up capturing – and am hopeful that I’ll get a few random animals, like the bobcat last year.
  2. Invisible flash. Some think that the low-glow LED flash spook deer and I believe that our other cameras have the low-glow flash…this invisible flash has already proved itself. After only a couple of days out by my tree stand, we captured this doe:


Seeing activity only a few days after we set up this trail camera directly beneath my tree stand is pretty exciting. It appears that our food plots are working — though this doe came in about 5 a.m. and this buck appeared late at night. If you are a reader of this blog, you may note that this is the same buck that appeared in the same spot last year — only right now he is in velvet.

Buck in velvet enjoying our food plot.

Buck in velvet enjoying our food plot.

I hope he’s back when it’s treestand time. The video quality of this trail camera is amazing. Here is a video of the same buck above. Check out the audio captured, too. I am really looking forward to checking my SD Card for the next few months — it will (hopefully) be full of some fun surprises!

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