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I’ve been practicing a lot. Every day I’m outside, bow in hand, field arrows at the ready, and I can feel myself improving. The funny thing about this journey of learning archery is how intimidated I was in the beginning and how that intimidation is starting to slip away as I realize more and more that I can do this. I can totally do this. And archery is starting to take over my life, which is a good thing!

Not your typical home office: a peek into mine complete with bow and Field Logic 3D target which was on standby due to rain.

Not your typical home office: a peek into mine complete with bow and 3D target which was on standby for a few days due to rain.

I believe that way in so many aspects of life these days and I am grateful for the opportunities and the ability to do what I’m doing. I think the absolute highlight of archery and hunting is twofold: spending more time outside, listening to every nuance of nature, AND feeling the excitement build at learning something new — archery — and realizing that it’s never too late to start. Heck, everything I’m doing these days includes learning something new: moving out here and starting fresh, figuring out how to raise chickens, plant a large garden, establish food plots, and chop wood. Every single thing has been such a reconnection with life, away from the daily grind established by someone else and into the daily enjoyment established by myself.

Archery Practice

I started off using an old block target we’ve had forever. It worked out well for my first few practice rounds, but I really want to practice with a 3D target so I could practice aiming at the heart/lungs of a buck and not just the bullseye of a block target. We have a bit of property so right now I have my GlenDel BUCK 3D Archery Target in a stationary spot for consistent archery practice. He’s pretty secure and I have it located in a place where I can practice shooting arrows from various distances and elevations.

Not a bad grouping!

Not a bad grouping!

The other targets I’m using are moveable, which is great if I need to be in a different part of the yard because of a roving puppy or playing kid. I have a Hurricane Bag target and a Block Target. Both of these targets work great for consistent practice. I like to put them on a hill or bench for the most part, but also shoot them while they are on level ground.

Hurricane Bag target stops the arrow with a resounding thwock!

Hurricane Bag target stops the arrow with a satisfying thwock!

Block Targets are perfect for consistent practice, though I need a lot more practice!

Block Targets are perfect for consistent practice, though I need a lot more practice!

I’m pleased with how much I’ve improved with daily practice — both in skill and in preparing myself for actually hunting. How often do you shoot your bow? What types of targets and blocks do you use regularly? I’d love to hear some tips!


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  1. cowboystl1

    i shoot anything that will stop my arrow from pizza boxes on a round bail to 3d targets as long as im shooting im happy.my only issue is i have to move between shots or i destroy my arrows and sometimes even when i move i bust them up. i prefer block targets just because it gives me more than one spot to aim but, i like to shoot 3d targets to shoot at angles (quartering away etc) so i can see the trajectory what my arrow will hit when it passes through and remember that im aiming for the exit hole not the entrance.

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