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Life Should Be a Series of Bullseyes

Shemane and Ted with AwardGod I love my life! Never a dull moment I assure you. Still recuperating from and wallowing in the over the top happiness from the highest of highs of the greatest hunting season of my life, and continually testing myself each day with post double knee replacement surgery pain management, (OUCH!) I am now in the middle of an out and out firebreathing musical hellstorm of a recording session, unleashing and capturing what we believe to be the best rocking songs of my life.

By Ted Nugent

In my line of work, I am compelled to dig deep each day to force myself to give it all I can muster when playing guitar and singing every note, every song, every lick, to make certain my art represents the absolute best I am capable of.

Just like a killer welder, mechanic, carpenter, electrician, accountant, writer, rancher, farmer, teacher, cop, or any and every imaginable profession, the ultimate American Dream is based on maximum excellence for maximum gratification and maximum compensation.

Well, for those of us with pride and a professional work ethic, it is.

And when every song, every vocal, every riff are as intense as my music inspires and demands, there is a whirlwind of hyper energy in the studio that could be very dangerous to the faint of heart or unsuspecting civilian who may find themselves in the path of this MotorCity Madhouse musical freight train screaming down the tracks aimed dead on for your skull.

It really is hysterically intense and fun beyond words.

Ted Nugent

Once again I am compelled to quote our favorite philosopher, Dirty Harry and his life saving universal code of self-control, “A good man has to know his limitations.”

So way back in the flamethrowing 1960s when me and my ultra-whippersnapper Amboy Dukes were making American garageband musical history, I of course always had my trusty bow and arrows on hand, for one never knows when some nasty old bushytailed limbrat might need to be arrowed in order to protect the studio screendoor or eves-troughs.

I’m here to tell you, in between hyper banshee vocal squallering and finger blistering guitar abuse, again this week, 50 odd years later, it took only a few “aim small miss small” disciplined arrows to recharge my rock-n-roll batteries to maximum voltage, and I am laying down killer track after killer track with indefatigable scorching energy and aplomb, if I don’t say so myself.

Ahhhh… how the mighty mystical flight of the arrow heals!

Did Someone Mention Backstraps? YES!

I know how all of you fellow backstrap BloodBrothers operate. We know hunting season is never all that far away, and we also know how we have to work our butts off in order to earn time off, at the very least for two weeks during the rut, and we know arrows aint cheap, gas aint cheap, aint nothing cheap anymore, so we damn well better be the best that we can be and as professionally productive as we can be while at work so we carry no guilt come the huntseason escape time.

Now I know that there are some lines of work where maybe you can’t be flinging arrows on the job site, but it wouldn’t hurt to look into it and see if you can’t erect a target and legally and safely indulge in some archery relief in the parking lot or somewhere nearby.

Ted at full draw MathewsIf not, there may be an archery range close by where you could spend your lunch break. However you improvise, adapt and overcome, this would also be a killer opportunity to invite some new archers into the frey to try their hand at this ever growing sport of sports.

And for all you bosses, foremen and managers out there, if I were you I would do whatever needed to be done to create a nice, small, safe, legal archery range right there at the workplace, even if it is just five to ten yards long, and get a few Genesis bows and some appropriate arrows and a couple of good targets.

With a bit of friendly instruction and guidance, it would be my prediction based on many years of personal experience, that the more employees you can turn on to the joys of “aim small miss small” mystical flight of the arrow projectile discipline, the more productive your workforce will be.

Life is indeed a series of bullseyes, both literally and figuratively. I’m headed to the recording studio again today to sing and jam out on the killer title song for my new 2014 record and tour- SHUTUP & JAM! I have a rack of guitars, a wall of amps, a gungho team of giddy rockers, a GlenDell buck target and my Mathews Creed bow with a quiver of arrows.

I will sing a soulful bullseye vocal, I will jam a fiery bullseye guitar performance, and I will fling a few bullseye arrows throughout the day to cleanse my soul, recharge my batteries and keep the energy glowing with a positive force to reckon with.

Try to figure out a way to pull this off where you work if at all possible, and discover what I found out those many years ago, that no matter what you do in life, you will do it better when fortified with the mystical flight of the arrow. Bullseyes are us!

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