Locavore Blog: My First Bow Season

I feel like every single blog post starts with another first for me and this one is really no different. I’m in the middle of my first bow season and enjoying it, despite the soggy weather during opening day and a few rainy mornings that have kept me indoors. I mean, if my chickens are huddled under the overhang of their coop, I would imagine that all of the other animals are also seeking shelter, not wandering around in a torrential downpour under my tree stand.

Very early morning photo before I head out for my first day (EVER) bowhunting.

Very early morning photo before I head out for my first day (EVER) bowhunting.

It’s been interesting with my husband and I switching back and forth so one of us is at home with our young daughter while the other heads out to a tree stand. We have several set up and also have permission from a neighboring landowner to hunt in an adjoining parcel to our property line, which is great.

Bow and Tenzig pack ready for my stand.

Bow and Tenzing 1260 pack ready for my stand.

I’ve learned that patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to sitting in a tree stand for hours and while I’m not waiting for that trophy buck (I’ll take a buck or doe – either will stock my freezer with quality free range meat), the crunching and chattering of squirrel warfare is rather entertaining. Two days ago, my tree stand highlight was watching an American Kestrel grab a sparrow mid-air although I wonder if it was the same sparrow that landed on my bow earlier. Such powerful experiences within nature.

Sunday morning, I was sitting in my stand and was startled to hear the trumpeting and snorting and stomping in the clump of trees and bushes immediately to my right. Apparently a deer caught a whiff of my presence and wanted to make it known that it knew I was there. So at least I know I was close!

I think that sitting in my stand has given me a new appreciation for solitude and the light show of a beautiful sunrise or sunset. But I’ll admit that I’m not just passing my time watching squirrels. I really appreciate having a Tenzing 1260 backpack to take along with me. I can carry all of my essential gear and it expands so that I can also bring a book and a notepad (and pen) in case inspiration strikes. I think that a tree stand could easily double as an outdoor writing area during off season.

The Tenzing 1260 pack is light weight and easy to use for bow season.

The Tenzing 1260 pack is light weight and easy to use for bow season.

This pack is so handy, my husband has even borrowed it a few times.

He's heading down the road to his tree stand, carrying the Tenzing 1260.

He’s heading down the road to his tree stand.

What do you bring in your pack? How do you pass the time in your stand? Have you had any amazing close encounters with nature this season?

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