Locavore Blog: Let’s Extend Vermont’s Bow Season!

After writing my last few posts, I started researching bow seasons and found out Vermont has the shortest bow season in the Northeast — lasting a mere 23 days this year! Neighboring states like New Hampshire and Connecticut have significantly longer seasons — lasting nearly twelve weeks! That doesn’t seem to give Vermont bowhunters a fair opportunity when it comes to harvesting a deer with a bow and arrow. By expanding the season, Vermont bowhunters would have the chance to hunt different deer patterns during a longer hunting window.

IMG_7040 (267x400)So my husband and I have started a petition. We are hoping to extend Vermont’s bow season in 2015. The 2014 deer archery-only season ran Oct. 4-26, leaving a large gap between the end of archery and the beginning of rifle, which began Nov. 15. Why the gap between seasons?

We are not asking for an increase in the bag limit, which is incredibly fair, but just for the chance to have more than three weeks to fill it. Speaking with many other Vermonters, we’re not alone in our desire for a longer season and I hope we get enough signatures to prove to Vermont Fish and Wildlife that Vermonters deserve more time to bowhunt.

This is a pretty crucial time to ask for support in changing Vermont’s bow season length. Right now, Vermont Fish and Wildlife is considering adding a crossbow season and plans to meet in January to decide on the fate of Vermont’s current hunting season schedule.

Here is a link to our petition. Please sign it. Please pass it along. While gathering signatures from Vermont residents is crucial, spreading the word among non-resident hunters and garnering support from the bowhunting community is just as important.

IMG_7293 (400x267)Thank you for supporting our cause!

If you’re interested in archery and bowhunting, be sure to check out this video that answers many questions about equipment, form and getting started in this wonderful activity.