Locavore Blog: Selecting Women’s Camouflage and Safety Harness

When I first started this project, I really wasn’t aware of all of the necessities you actually needed in order to go outside and hunt. Along with the proper compound bow and arrows, there are other items I started researching — mainly what type of camouflage would work best for my size and stature as well as what type of safety harness I will need in my tree stand.

I already have my Elimitick gear ready for any brush I plan to sit in, but for my tree stand, I wanted some fitted camouflage made for women. There are so many brands and styles out there, but many do not offer women’s sizes or fit, and we’re stuck with stocky youth camo, which doesn’t make me feel like a strong hunting woman — it makes me feel like I’m relegated to the little boys club.

Luckily, I found some great fitting camouflage through Under Armour and am now completely outfitted for my upcoming fall hunting season. Bow season starts in Vermont on Oct. 4, and I’m already counting down the days — albeit a bit nervously.

IMG_6447 (267x400)

Form fitting, but not tight, these Under Armour hunting clothes are light weight and feature scent control technology.

These are the best fitting gloves I've ever owned and have a nice grip so my bow doesn't slip.

These are the best fitting gloves I’ve ever owned and have a nice grip so my bow doesn’t slip.

Once I get up in my tree stand, using a safety harness is essential — especially since my stand will be about 16 feet off of the ground. I don’t get a safety net. The ground, while cushioned with some fairly successful food plots, isn’t something I want to get acquainted with while holding my bow loaded with a broadhead. So I have a Hunter Safety System HSS-Contour harness made especially for a woman’s stature and size. It weighs in at about 2.5 lbs and it’s a fairly easy weight to wear along with the rest of my gear.

The design of the HSS-Contour harness fits easily over my camouflage.

The design of the HSS-Contour harness fits easily over my camouflage.

With both camouflage and a safety harness hanging in my closet, I think I’m about set with my bowhunting gear. Now, how many days until Oct. 4?

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One thought on “Locavore Blog: Selecting Women’s Camouflage and Safety Harness

  1. cowboystl1

    couple things you might want to try shooting with your harness on so you are used to the feel of it and then get all of that out of your closet get a scent free tote wash it in scent free soap and spray it down close it up tight until your ready to walk to the stand ( aside from my base layers) i get dressed outside some times only a short walk to my tree.

    there is a lot more female friendly clothing lines out there Prios being one and realtree and mossy oak have them too good on under armor for fitting you they have done well in sometimes leading that charge its ashame not all companies put there feet in the pool Kryptek also has a line. for years my sisters had to fall into my hand me downs now they are in hog heaven. if you need more female friendly stuff just say so i have lots of female friends in the industry.

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