Locavore Blog: Look What Showed Up on My Trail Camera!

We moved to our property last August. It was previously someone’s vacation home (and if you’re going to buy a house, let it be in a location where someone wanted to vacation). Our closest neighbor (which isn’t that close) is located up a mountain that overlooks our pond in one spot and from her birds-eye view, says she’s seen plenty of deer, moose, and black bears on our property. This is good to know and rather exciting, I think. I’ve even managed to snap a photo of a young doe next to our pond last summer.

She looks surprised to see my camera!

She looks surprised to see my camera!

We are also in a direct migratory pattern of Canadian geese and our pond at one point in late fall had nearly up to 300 resting every evening there. We made good use of this location and have a few geese in the freezer (one which I defrosted for the holiday).


Two of the geese harvested from our pond during goose season.

In this new pursuit of archery and all things hunting, I’ve learned that trail cameras are a fun accessory that you can use on your property for so many different things. I had the chance to try out a camera from Browning, and managed to capture this picture of a BOBCAT on my property! (My nearest neighbor believes it could be a lynx as he has evidence of a lynx on the ridge line of his property, but he’s a mile or so away.)

I’m thrilled, though maybe not so much excited to see what happens as my chicken coop arrived and my little chicks are currently hanging out in their new digs near bobcat territory just outside my door. The interesting thing is that all this time, the tracks crisscrossing our pond we assumed were made by a coyote. Now I’m fairly certain it was made by this guy.

Think he was the one behind the recent set of tracks up our road? (We still had snow in mid-April!)

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