Locavore Blog: Water Treatment Tips for Hunting in Back Country

While I’m hunting this season on my own property and a neighboring parcel, many other hunters travel to their special hunting spot. Bringing the right gear is important, but equally important is bringing enough healthy food (trail mix, energy bars, fruit, jerky) and water if you plan to spend more than a few hours in your tree stand or ground blind.

It’s crucial to understand the basics of water treatment so you can have safe, drinkable water if you run out of the supply you carry with you.

IMG_7323 (400x267)According to the EPA, untreated surface water in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds is not safe to drink unless it is treated to remove bacteria, viruses, and parasites.Even if the water looks relatively clean, it isn’t — and drinking untreated water is an easy way to get sick during a hunting trip.

There are several ways to treat water when hunting in back country. Here is a video that covers the basics of water treatment with Dr. Andrew Bentley, Professor and Chair of the Adventure Education Program at Green Mountain College.

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