Miranda: Give Thanks, Appreciation for Deer Blessings

Three lifelong buck hunters and best friends (from left), Tom Miranda, Stan Potts and Joel Snow pose in an Ohio woodlot with Miranda’s Union County buck.

Three lifelong buck hunters and best friends (from left), Tom Miranda, Stan Potts and Joel Snow pose in an Ohio woodlot with Miranda’s Union County buck.

Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book.

This book is titled The Rut Hunters, yet it’s really a tribute to all who pursue, protect and proliferate whitetails. North America’s whitetails are truly amazing and they continue to expand their range. Whether a hunter pursues bucks only at home or sets a course to travel and pursue his or her own Whitetail SLAM, the opportunities to learn more about deer and the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle abound.

The hunters featured in this book are dedicated hunters who walk the walk with ethics and responsible hunting practices.

Many of them have chosen careers in the outdoors; some promote hunting and wildlife management at the highest levels of learning. Others are just die-hard hunters who love the challenges that come with each new whitetail season.

It may be easy to write off those included in the pages of this book, but bear with me. Many, myself included, are lucky to experience hunting that is out of reach for some. I understand that, but make no apology for working my way through plenty of bleak years to end up where I’m at today. I’m dang proud of that, as many of the featured hunters in this book are, however I don’t want to get too far way from my roots.

That is why I’m so passionate about this project, and the Whitetail SLAM in general. Deer are God’s gift to all of us, a true living representation of the fortune each one of us experiences upon each waking day. What better thing is there than to know you can hunt each day of the season for such a creature? Or better yet, set a course with your hunting buddies for new adventure a few states away?

In the grand scheme of things, very, very few people are as lucky as whitetail hunters. We have our passion and the means to engage in it. Not to mention we have the conviction to preserve our opportunities, and the heart to pass them on to those looking on with curious eyes and a willingness to match wits with a whitetail. Some days it seems too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s real and that is beautiful.

It is my hope that the contents of this book become a catalyst to your future hunting endeavors.

That the tactics and strategies described herein bring you to deeper thought in your own hunting efforts and success finds it’s way into your deer camp, and better yet, when success eludes you that you still find solace in the comfort of a treestand.

Understanding that each of us is a small but essential piece to the overall dynamics of today’s hunting world makes each and everything we do an important part of its future. Don’t take your hunting privileges for granted. Start now to document you hunting legacy and begin to do your part to ensure hunting continues for your children’s children. In the grand scheme of life hunters are the stewards of the earth’s wild creatures. What you do now, today and tomorrow will affect how hunting and wildlife survive into the next century. What a wonderful burden to shoulder …

Hunt hard, don’t quit, and enjoy every second of it.

Order Tom Miranda’s new bookThe Rut Hunters, by clicking the title, and find out more about the Whitetail SLAM by going here – http://www.whitetailslam.com


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