Monster Buck Hit, Killed But Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

This giant buck was hit by a truck in Alabama.

This giant buck was hit by a truck in Alabama.

Whoa! Check out this genuine monster buck killed when it was hit by a truck in Alabama, which is unfortunate of course but sometimes that happens when the peak rut kicks in.

This big bruiser was struck and killed by Bryne Diehl, the punter on the University of Alabama’s 1992 national championship football team. Diehl hit the deer about 6:30 p.m. Jan. 9 while traveling in Walker County on Corridor X, an interstate spur northwest of Birmingham. He and his family were going to Birmingham for a monster trucks event.

DEER Monster Truck Buck  Photo by Alabama Whitetail Records

This Alabama buck was killed by a vehicle, unfortunately. It has 13 scorable points and a ton of mass and width. (Photo: Alabama Whitetail Records)

Needless to say, the truck was a mess. Hitting a big deer can do that, of course. And while we hate to see bucks hit by vehicles at any time, that happens when they start getting frisky and chasing hot does. Unfortunate, but Mother Nature doesn’t always play “fair” like we might want it to happen … especially for such a stud buck like this ol’ boy.

The buck has 15 points that can be scored and definitely some width — reportedly 26 inches — and mass, clearly visible in the photo. Word is that at least two official scorers are working to put a tape on it as soon as possible.

Check back for more updates soon.

DEER Monster Truck Buck  Photo by Alabama Whitetail Records1

As usual, skeptics are ignorantly spouting off about this buck hit by a vehicle and killed in Alabama but it’s a legit deer. (Photo: Alabama Whitetail Records)


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