Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Nature Stimuli as Bait

Shemane Nugent with a great buck, because Ted's not the only hot shot in the family!

Shemane Nugent with a great buck, because Ted’s not the only hot shot in the family!

I hunted hard for a soulmate, a wife, my very own Queen of the Forest, and when I finally tracked her down (I won’t dare say I “bagged” her!) there was no way I was going to lose her.

My amazing wife of 26 razzle dazzle, heart throttling years and best hunting buddy Shemane had never fired a gun, gone hunting, ate venison, scaled, fileted or gutted a fish, or had ever heard of the perfection of our sustain yield game management successes before she ran into me.

Hell, she had never heard the ultimate lovesong Wango Tango either, but the stunning, spunky lass was fearless, (obviously) and was oh so ready to rock, learn, and pursue adventure with her new hubby, the always charming WhackMaster.

She had no idea that I was a hopelessly addicted deerhunter, and at first could not quite grasp the dynamo of my nonstop daily hunting obsession day in and day out six to seven months a year.

Did I mention daily, as in every day?

I gently invited her to join me in the deerblinds and treestands when the weather was pleasant enough, but never pushed hard.

She discovered that once the old MotorCity Madman put down his frightening flamethrowing guitar, took a shower and shutup, I wasn’t all that hard to be around, especially during The Season.

I made it a point to break her in gently to all the things in life that provide me so much quality of life. A  quiet .22 rifle and revolver with CB caps, a super smooth lightweight bow at closerange, and easy going fun strolls in the woods identifying all the spellbinding nature that so turns me on.

She reveled in my nightly passionate, excitable stories of close encounters with big and small game, songbirds, hoot owls, breathtaking skies, and the nightly symphony of waterfowl overhead.

At one point a year or so into our marriage, she commented how surprised she was at my joyful, wild eyed hunting stories each night even though I rarely killed anything. She had presumed, spurred on by the anti-hunting media orgy all around, that hunting was all about killing.

That I could name every songbird, bird of prey, waterfowl species, flower and fauna made her realize pretty quick that my gungho hunting lifestyle was really all about participating in harmony with nature as a conscientious steward and conservationist.

Whoa Nelly and stop the presses!! You mean to tell me that the deadly WhackMaster was not all about killing everything that moves? Surely you jest. (And quit calling me Shirley)

With all this constant flow of positive spirit, love and respect for all living things from me clearly having an impact on her, she further lit up my life one October day and asked if she could sit in a treestand and try to arrow a deer.

Oh Lord have mercy and pass the marriage made in heaven baby!

Shemane enjoying a snack!

Shemane enjoying a snack!

Suffice it to say, that the jury is not still out on the best procedure to baptize and introduce a new hunter to our beloved lifestyle. Never push hard, and always welcome gently.

Before sharing the fine art of anatomical shot placement and the sharp edge ballet of gutting the sacred beast, it is always best to take it slow and easy from a wildlife lover’s and resource steward’s perspective.

Point out the stealth art of seeing critters before they see you. Name every critter and its essential habitat and habits. Share the names of all those songbirds that share our daily outings with us. Go into detail on how the four seasons work, and why Thanksgiving is in November as we approach the wrapup of the natural season of God’s annual bountiful harvest.

Explain what would happen to the herds during winter if we fail to reduce them to responsible balance with the carrying capacity.

I have never failed to lure anyone to at least examine this greatest of sports from a factual and scientific hands-on reality. Visit my facebook at any given time and you will witness millions and millions of people (8million as I write this) who get it, share it, believe it and live it, many of whom came to our deerhunting campfire because of a shared love of high energy American rock-n-roll, the relentless celebration of truth, logic, commonsense and reality and the inescapable believability of our Spirit of the Wild TV show.

In a world gone mad on the big lie of political correctness, each and every one of us must do all we can to educate, enthuse and hopefully recruit as many new sporters as we possibly can. Easy does it, steady as she goes.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website here for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows in 2015, and also at World News Daily, Newsmax and Daily Caller for more insights.


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