Nicole McClain: Best Deer Hunting Gear Includes These 5 Items

Avid deer hunter Nicole McClain

Avid deer hunter Nicole McClain

Some choices are easier than others. (Hopefully choosing between ‘ladies’ or ‘gents’ is one of the easier decisions for you to make.) Choosing the best hunting gear like scent eliminator, clothing, or a deer call can be a little more complicated, especially for the fresh new hunter. Here are five products you can use to make your hunt successful this year and next–and even a comfy lounging-around-the-house option for your lady hunter friend or wife who supports your addiction to the sport we call hunting.

Hunter Nicole McClain wears Code Blue1. Code Blue in the shower

This is no cardiac arrest emergency code but if the 12-point on your property catches your scent, it just might give you a heart attack. I used Code Blue for my successful 2013 deer hunt in Wisconsin at Tri-State Outfitting. As you know, it’s hard to confirm whether or not some scent-eliminating body washes work or not. I didn’t use this one on my hair, but I did use it as a body wash and it helped me disappear into the woods and take home a beauty buck this season.

Deer Hunter Nicole McClain wears Huntworth hoodie2. Huntworth camo hoodie is damn comfy

As most of you know, I’m not a big fan of pink unless it supports breast cancer research, but I’ve got to give this pink and camo hoodie from Huntworth a heavy high five. It’s a quarter-zip mid-weight fleece pullover good for hunting and lounging alike–and it’s price point is perfect. I haven’t used this one out in the field yet but that’s because I’m wearing nearly every single day around the house. It’s also perfect for right after the hunt when it’s time to dry your boots fireside and you want to sport some camo at camp.

Get one for your wife who supports your hunting addiction or for the female hunter you want to keep warm.

Nicole McClain deer call3. Madison deer calls can be personalized

Now this cat, Rodd Madison of Madison Deer Calls, is the underdog of deer calls in Minnesota. His hobby-turned-business began in 2008 making deer calls for friends and family and he now makes them for Whitetails Unlimited. The sounds are authentic and life-like, they come in a variety of colors, and you can have one custom made with your name or logo for 21.95. I liked mine so much I ordered another one as a gift for Christmas this year. These are perfect for the new or seasoned hunter in your life and the personalization option is pretty damn cool.

Tell him Nicole McClain sent you and give him a Like on Facebook.

nose jammer4. Nose Jammer smells like vanilla

Also on my list of best hunting gear is Nose Jammer. This stuff smells so good it nearly jams up my own nose by personal choice. Take the label lightly as I can’t say this little bottle of red magic really ‘handicaps’ any deer of their most critical natural defenses–smell. I think it works best in areas where deer are accustomed to smelling this product, say at a particular outfitter or hunting spot, and Tri-State Outfitting is one of those places. I can say as a cover scent in the woods of Wisconsin, I found this to be successful. A few of the Nose Jammer products can be found in

Finally, a scent you can wear in both the woods and the office and no one will complain.

hot hands

5. HotHands keeps plenty of parts warm

Like a damn dinosaur freezing to death, I am always cold. I realize this is a pretty big statement, but I never go into the woods without Hot Hands. I’ve tried many brands, some of which fail in less than a

n hour or never even get hot, but this kind always seems to work. They stay hot for hours so you can repurpose the packs from the morning for your afternoon hunt, keep your hunting clothes warm during your lunch break by leaving them inside gloves and pockets, or put them in the pockets of your camp-lounging clothes to ‘kill the chill’ from your morning hunt.

Tip: Get the HotHands with the sticky backs and stick them to your second layer of clothing between your shoulder blades, on your thighs, and one on your chest.

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Deer hunter Nicole Mcclain wears the Huntworth camo hoodie with her Rottweiler Mog

Deer hunter Nicole McClain keeps warm with the Huntworth camo hoodie with her Rottweiler Mog in the snow. (photo copyright Nicole McClain)