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No Deer? Don’t Go Quietly Into That Skunked Night!

Ted's super Texas axis buck helped chase away the skunk!

Ted’s super Texas axis buck helped chase away the skunk!

Happy September 4th, 2014 my deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog BloodBrothers. IT is upon us and IT certainly feels good does IT not! I don’t know about you all but here at the NugeRanch, we smell IT and the backstraps be a comin!

By Ted Nugent

Once I got home from the greatest rocking tour of my life, it took a few days to remember what planet I was on. My music can best be described as a broadside suckerpunch skull-slamming flurry.

The daily tsunami of adrenalin associated with the insane intensity of my nightly concerts would kill or severely maim most unsuspecting civilians, but being raised on James Brown and all those amazing gods of musical thunder, I have been adequately fortified to withstand the average yet dangerous G-forces of the driving music I would eventually create. Tire tracks across your back I can see you’re having you’re fun, shall we say.

God only knows how desperate I am to cleanse my soul after every tour, and my lifetime of bowhunting cleansing is indeed just what the Dr. ordered. I got me an overdose of rock-n-roll, but I like it.

In the brutal, breathtaking, all-consuming heat of August in Texas, I nonetheless immediately predatored-up and hit a treestand most evenings and some mornings the best I could muster. Our SpiritWild Ranch in central Texas is truly a wildlife/hunting paradise with ever growing herds of whitetails, axis, fallow, sika, blackbuck, Oryx, Aoudad a pair of African Gemsbok, varmints galore plus nonstop gaggles of wild hogs that come and go.

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

Can you say skunked! And skunked again! And again, and again, and again and again. Very frustrating to say the least, for I live right here on the ranch, have Bushnell trailcams up on all the hot spots year round, have a fulltime ranch manager who lives on the property and patrols and feeds it multiple times each day, yet we couldn’t get anywhere close to ambushing a critter.

I am more than well aware of the skunked ritual in bowhunting, all hunting really, but I fancy myself a pretty good ambusher after all these years and yet we were strapless for three solid weeks.

But I had my giveup amputated long ago in the crazed-deer woods of Michigan in those not-so-roaring 1950’s and 60’s, therefore the ol’ WhackMaster does not go quietly into that skunked night.

Choosing a grove of ancient live oaks we call Shemane’s Grove after my killer wife for the evenings set on Labor Day afternoon, SpiritWild Ranch manager, bowhunting addict and ace Spirit of the Wild TV VidCamDude Kris Helms and I rolled the dice and settled in for another hot vigil, ever hopeful that we might see something, anything after the 20 plus frustrating days of nothing.

Another outfit of ScentBlocker Mossy Oak camo became saturated with sweat after a short time, but we persevered hour after sunny hour.

Our frustration vanished with the ultra-cautious arrival of some handsome whitetail bucks and does that kept us entertained and mesmerized for over an hour. With whitetail season still a long ways off, we just took in all the beauty, stimuli and lessons that deer always provide.

With the western sky all aglow with another gorgeous Texas’s sunset, Kris lightly poked me and pointed to a stunning axis stag making his way around a giant oak motte.

Axis deer are found in some parts of Texas and provide great hunting opportunities.

Axis deer are found in some parts of Texas and provide great hunting opportunities.

Long, nerve wracking story short, the huge mature buck slowly but surely made his last mistake as he approached the other deer and my 400 grain GoldTip Nuge arrow slammed a 100 grain razor sharp Muzzy Trocar three blade head clean through the 250 pound stag’s chest with a thump and a burp!

The glowing Lumenok tells no lie and much joyous, pent-up celebration erupted in the big oak crotch.

Don’t you just love that part!

We love our whitetails and muledeer, blacktails and Sitka deer and Coues deer and Carmen Mountain deer, but none of those magnificent beasts are as gorgeous or delicious as the big exotic spotted axis deer that run wild across Texas.

What we have here is as pure a deer and deerhunting moment as it gets, and the gallons of sweat and patience testing dedication is wonderful life enhancing deer hunting wherever and whatever species we find it.

If you love venison like the Nugent’s love venison (we don’t buy chicken, beef or pork) then someday you must come to the greatest hunting state in the world where a magnificent Texas axis stag has your name written all over it.

Good hunting everybody. Aim small miss small, share the spirit everywhere you go in everything you do, and make every minute of every hunting day count.

This superior form of recreation will indeed re-create your mind, body, spirit and soul, even if you don’t tour all over the world every summer playing scary dance music like a man possessed. All sacred hunting time will miraculously replenish your energy reservoir so do it as often as you can.

May you have the greatest hunting season of your lives. I am, I guarantee it.

Be safe and see you here next week for NugeBlog#54. Uncle Ted, never over, never out, hunting like a mad man. It’s my job, my calling, my vocation and my avocation. And dear Lord in heaven what FUN!

For more about Ted’s music, tours, news and everything else, visit www.tednugent.com

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