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Nugent ‘Spirit of the Wild’ Wins Outdoor Channel Viewer’s Choice Award

Shemane and Ted with AwardWell there ya have it folks! The ol MotorCity Madman, the WhackMaster, StrapAssassin1, Reverend Theodocious Atrocious, Da Nuge, Captain Backstrap, Tedly Von NugentBurger, Uncle Ted, the old crazy bowhunting guitarslamming venison addict once again brings home the most coveted, and dare I say, most meaningful award a hunting TV show producer/host could ever hope for.

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Though I am humbled beyond words, I think we can all agree and admit that the most important reason we keep winning these “Viewers’ Choice” awards probably has very little to do with little ol me. Let us all genuflect at the altar of the real driving force for the success of Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV on Outdoor Channel, shall we; the one, the only, the effervescent, most beautiful, delightful, dangerous killer she-bowhunter of them all, the Queen of the Forest, my wife and soulmate, Goddess of the Straps, Zumba dance queenie, Mrs. Shemane WackMaster. I mean Mrs. Shemane Nugent!

I’ll tell you right now, I love watching hunting TV shows, and there is no doubt that if she wasn’t my wife, I would definitely watch her show, pay very close attention to everything she says and does, then strategize to the very best of my predator ability to figure out how to ambush her and make her my wife.

STORMTROOPIN’ LIVE seems like an appropriate celebration song. Listen here.

Come on guys admit it! We love seeing our fellow hunters make that shot on the big bucks, we love learning other hunters’ strategies, and God knows we just love to see big antlered kahunas on all those great shows out there.

Ted Nugent shooting deer. What’s not to love?

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But you all know as well as I do that when all that wildlife eye candy is elevated to the ultimate high by a gorgeous she-hunter hostess and or huntress on the screen, that’s the show we love to watch the most, even if the pretty gal is just cooking up a skillet of venison goulash!

And there are indeed some stunning female hunters on many of the shows, but I can say right here at my deeranddeerhunting.com campfire that Mrs. N is the prettiest of them all.

And no, I am not by any means struggling for brownie points here, you know I mean it. Afterall, we just celebrated the miracle of our 25th wedding anniversary and she hasn’t killed me yet, so we clearly have some magic going on here.

On behalf of the entire Nugent family, our SpiritWild production team, master editors Dave Watson and Brian Osborn and Ben Ranzinger, our army of VidCamDudes and VidCamBabes, me, Shemane, Toby Nugent, Kris Helmes, Jim Lawson, Jim Knapp, Mark Ditzel, Mitch Moore, Jenny Olsen, Ross Patterson and George Zieman, we thank everyone that has voted for our Spirit of the Wild show on Outdoor Channel all these 20 exciting years.

Watch the Queen of the Forest in action on the Outdoor Channel site.

Watch the Queen of the Forest in action on the Outdoor Channel site.

But beyond Shemane’s screenglow, we thank you for your voluminous communication on our tednugent.com website and Facebook. We hear you when you thank us for keeping it down to earth, honest, real, raw, spontaneous and bold. We hear you when you rave about our display of passion and love for the hunting lifestyle. We hear you when you exalt the honesty of real, bloody, precious dead animals that we genuinely respect and revere as our brothers of the wild just like our aboriginal ancestors so cherished the hard earned gifts of food, shelter, clothing, tools, medicine and ultimately, spiritual fortification.

We couldn’t agree more that our heartfelt jubilation when recovering a small doe, a small buck, a big buck, a squirrel, a dove, any and all well-deserved kills that we excitedly celebrate from putting our hearts and souls into being the best, deadliest predators that we can be.

We hear you when you rejoice that we don’t play feeble politically correct games of dishonest denial by wiping away the blood, somehow pretending that our sport is anything less than the honest bloodsport it is.

We know most American hunters feel the same way we do and hunt the same way we do and cherish the sacred game meat the same way we do.

We know how much you appreciate that we don’t “produce” a nice, cleaned up, sanitized lie of a hunting TV show, but rather celebrate the perfection of allthings tooth, fang and claw.

Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild TV on Outdoor Channel. Again the #1 hunting show overall as voted by we the people who get it. We get it. You get it. And we promise to keep getting it on.

The beast is dead, long live the mighty beast. Thank you my BloodBrothers. Thank you.

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