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No One Ever Says “I Want Less Hunting Opportunities!”

Ted Nugent loves hunting exotics like this big fallow deer.

Ted Nugent loves hunting exotics like this big fallow deer.

Ahhhhh……the ultra-fresh olfactory stimulating stank of the good mother earth clinging to my marsupial like ten digits of dirt stewardship. They claim and I proudly admit, that, I, Ted Nugent, your humble soulmusic, MotorCity guitar wrangling, backstrap addicted, Deeranddeerhunting.com fulltime venisonboy, Great Spirit BloodBrother, am indeed, a dirty white boy.

By Ted Nugent

And I know that comes as quite the shock to many real music lovers around the world, for they refuse to believe that a white boy could possibly create those defiant, aboriginal, non-Caucasian guitarlicks and lovesongs all these years. But alas, I point to none other than my soulbrother Johnny Winter as living proof that it can be done!

Being that as it may, here at NugeBlog#43, in the oppressive heat of a Texas summer, it sure feels weird but mighty good to be able to deerhunt the ultra-wary, always elusive exotic deer of the mighty Lone Star State all year long!

In my adaptive adventurous life, backstraps are indeed a year round delight.

“We should have fewer backstraps honey!” no one ever said!

For my entire 65.6 year lifetime, I have hunted our precious North American whitetail and mule deer that we focus on and celebrate here at deeranddeerhunting.com and in the glowing pages of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, but more is better in my hyper excitable life.

This big axis stag looks awesome and is great on the grill, too!

This big axis stag looks awesome and is great on the grill, too!

And believe you me, hunting axis, sika, fallow, Pere David, Barrasinga, red deer and others during the off season is 100% real world deer hunting at its finest, and if you crave deerhunting more  than  a few months per year, Texas is home sweet home.

My average deerhunt, (as if there is such a thing as an average hunt, since every deerhunt is unique in its own way everytime) is totally gratifying in every way whether I am hunting whitetails, muledeer, Coues deer, or any of the nonindigenous exotics here, there and everywhere across Texas.

If we outline the exciting and necessary procedures of preparing for our sacred Midwest whitetail rut hunt, or western muley adventure, everything we do to maximize those hunts is the exact same things we must do to experience the very same thrills for an exotic deerhunt.


And in my extensive experience, nothing changes whether I am hunting uncharted vast wilderness roads less traveled, insanely wary freerange axis stags in the Texas Hill Country, or one of the many super managed high fence habitat heaven private ranches ubiquitous across Texas.

I know there are some presumptuous high fence haters out there, which is a shame, but like a child that turns up his nose and whines that he doesn’t like green beans, even though he has never tried green beans, I would hope that the anti-hunters within our own ranks would growup, try the damn green beans, and quit your whining.

Sika deer and Ted go together like rock 'n roll and high volume!

Sika deer and Ted go together like rock ‘n roll and high volume!

Write this down: high fence deerhunting is no difference than no fence deerhunting. There may be exceptions to that statement, like everything else in life, but it sure would be nice if the high fence haters would just take a deep breath and get past the presumptions and try it sometime. But in the meantime, quit with the unfounded squawking and eat your beans like a good boy.

My point being is that there are 100s of 1000s of die hard, gungho, dedicated deerhunters just like you and me who cherish our real deerhunting challenge and ultra-fun exotic deerhunts.

For many years, my Maryland BloodBrothers have experienced the joys of hunting the ultra-elusive sika deer along the Maryland shoreline swamps and marshes, and they will all tell you how incredibly challenging and fun this little whistling deer is to ambush.

Running wild on millions of acres of gorgeous Texas Hill Country acres, the amazing sika deer and axis deer now outnumber the indigenous whitetails.

In fact joining these wild deer species a hunter will more likely run into a herd of wild mouflan or Corsican sheep at any moment in this prime habitat.

Ted Nugent 2I’ve had some rare, ridiculously easy hunts in my 1000s and 1000s of annual deer safaris all across North America, and I assure you, none of the easy hunts took place on high fence operations.

Any hunter with but a modicum of hunting experience will tell you that sometimes, not often, but sometimes, a really really stupid deer shows up and we kill it like it was nothing.

But my records show clearly, that such rare easy kills were preempted by 100s and 100s of hard earned skunked hours, regardless of high fence or no fence. Somebody write this down- deer are deer no matter where you find them!

So in conclusion on my NugeBlog#43, think about it. Texas has simply spectacular year round deerhunting, and I for one love it. That is one of the main reasons I moved to Texas, along with all the original Constitutional freedoms that we enjoy here in the last best place. And in order for some place to qualify for the last best place in my book, it must include as much freedom to hunt as much as I possibly can.

“I want less hunting opportunities!” no one ever said!

Backstraps forever my friends. SHUTUP&JAM! And SHUTUP&HUNT! Now that’s the American Dream the way I see it!

Want more Ted? Check out his latest news, tour dates and more at www.TedNugent.com

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    thousands of acres is not high fence hunting that makes people crazy if i go to texas and hunt a exotic on a 14 thousand acre ranch it is way different than some of these jack wagons that are hunting white tails and other animals out of pens or off small farms like cattle. but hey if thats how and what they and maybe you call hunting great. Just dont get all whiny when you cannot submit to P&Y or BC if you are buying the trophy a guaranteed so many inches of antler. thats like buying a gold medal for participation you have earned or won nothing.

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