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How to Drop a Deer in Its Tracks

If you want to know how drop a deer in its tracks, you should familiarize yourself with the physiological term brachial plexus. Once you know what this is, you might look at deer and deer hunting (and shot placement) in a completely different fashion.

Is culling a myth or reality when it comes to whitetail deer management? Can you selectively kill and manage wild bucks to achieve mature bucks with big antlers if that is your goal? Some ranches in Texas define cull bucks as small-racked bucks at a certain age, while hunters in other states may see spikes or unusual racks as culls.

Culling Bucks: Does It Really Work?

Man has always strived to be the best at what he does, and this same attitude applies to deer hunting, and more importantly, deer management. As a consequence of sportsmen’s insatiable desire to pursue larger-racked bucks and managers’ willingness to satisfy their requests, a variety of techniques have been tested to augment the size...

Dr Jim Brauker with poison ivy

How to Never Again Suffer From Poison Ivy

I don’t know how many times I’ve had poison ivy over the years but I’m fortunate that it’s not as bad as some folks I’ve seen who must be more sensitive to it. I’ve never really had such a terrible case, at least that I can recall, that it would scare children or make...

Whether Ted's in the stand with his trusty shotgun or Mathews bow, he's happy to have the chance to embrace and enjoy the outdoors.

Hone Your Projectile Management Instincts All Year Long!

Ahhh…  to contemplate the trajectory of one’s life. To envision our path in life. To take control of our destiny. Even the road less traveled needs to be negotiated with attentiveness and discipline. Zen, the origins of man’s earliest religion is to be the next step instead of just taking the next step. Now,...

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., with his giant buck that came from the "family blind."

Green Bay Brute Buck Tops 206 Inches

Heath Kersten of Denmark, Wis., just thought it was a nice buck. He had no idea the brute carried more than 200 inches of dream-conjuring bone. He would soon learn that the long-legged monster embodied the very essence of his deer-hunting dreams.

Arthur Zerbe of Pennsylvania with his 208-inch buck he killed during the 2016 bow season.

Pennsylvania Buck Grosses Astounding 208 Inches

Pennsylvania ranks high in hunter enthusiasm, with more than 750,000 deer hunters in the woods during firearms season alone. Arthur Zerbe, a 68-year-old native of the Keystone State, is one of those fanatic deer hunters, but for the past 50 years he has mostly slipped into the woods near his Lancaster County home armed...

Hunting is part of the role we play in conservation of our natural resources.

Long Road to the PrimalScream

FINALLY! After all that practice and dedication, 100s tortuous pre-dawn arousals and late nights getting home, after all those nerve wracking, patience testing hours, days and weeks in the treestand, FINALLY, a shooter deer is in range, broadside and looking the other way! Nerve endings a-twitter, neck-hairs quivering at attention, muscles tense and pulsating,...

Ron and Caleb Morris with the 180-class Illinois buck they found after Caleb ran it over while snowmobiling. The buck was dead and buried in the snow when Caleb hit it. (photos courtesy of the Morris family)

Snowmobiler Lays Claim to 180-Inch Illinois Buck

  When Caleb Morris, of Amboy, Ill., was launched from his snowmobile on Nov. 20, 2016, after hitting a hard object buried under the 10 inches of recently fallen snow, it was safe to say he was thrown for a loop. Thankfully, Caleb and his snowmobile were no worse for the wear. When he returned home,...