Burgeson Pioneered the Deer Scent Industry

It is with heavy hearts in that we must report the passing of another hunting industry pioneer. Our friend and longtime industry partner John Burgeson, co-founder of the Wildlife Research Center, passed away suddenly last weekend near his home in Anoka, Minn. He was 66. After years of hunting trips, hobby...

Public Land Hunting

Public Land Hunting: Big Rubs, New Goals, Scouting Buck Beds

What are some of your public land hunting goals for the upcoming year? This is a question that came up a few times during conversations with buddies this winter, while we reminisced about past seasons — the successes and the ones that got away. As the storytelling and conversations continued, everything...

16-Point Buck

Window of Opportunity Opened for Huge 16-Point Buck

Deer hunters know that you have seconds to decide whether to pull the trigger or let a whitetail walk. Success often boils down to skillfully handling small windows of opportunity, and this Wisconsin hunter took full advantage of that small chance on a huge 16-point buck.
TenPoint Shoot-Tuning Crossbow Arrows

How to Shoot-Tune Your Crossbow Arrows for Tighter Groups

If you really wish to shoot as accurately as possible with your crossbow arrows, you should mark and shoot each arrow separately to verify that it is grouping with the others. Taking this extra step to shoot-tune will help to guarantee that all your hunting arrows will more accurately hit your...

why do deer snort

Why Do Deer Snort? – Whitetail Behavior

Why do deer snort? Because they’re alarmed or frightened … right? Mostly, yes, that is 100 percent spot-on. However, there are other reasons why deer snort, including some you might not have thought about before today. The above video is a neat moment I captured on my cellphone here at home...

Dominant buck behavior

Dominant Buck Behavior Starts Early

Dominant buck behavior includes fighting, but it also features subtle body language that deer use throughout the year. This video shows classic dominant buck behavior as the big buck approaches the side of a food plot. The younger buck — a yearling — instantly knows he is the insubordinate deer in...

Best Shot for Bowhunting Depends on Game

The best shot for bowhunting deer is not the same as the best shot for bowhunting hogs. That might seem like simple advice, but it’s something every bowhunter should keep in mind, especially when going on an out-of-state bowhunt during the so-called off season. I just returned home from a brief...