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Ted with grandson Jack and super dogs Gonzo and Happy on the spring trap line

The Storm Before The Storm

Initially I was going to utilize the age old colloquialism “The Calm Before The Storm” to title this little ditty, my 31st installment of what has certainly turned out to be an ultraFUN Ted Nugent weekly NugeBlog. By Ted Nugent However, being allergic to all things status quo and predictability, I had to...

Bill Winke

When are the Best Times to Run Cameras for Big Bucks?

Deer hunters know that game cameras are among the most valuable tools for gathering data about bucks and does, but do you know one of the best times to use cameras to increase you chances of success during the hunting season? Tom Miranda’s new book, The Rut Hunters, offers outstanding information from some of...

Doe? Buck? Spike? Giant nontypical? Hunters have a variety of choices and should be able to make their own decisions.

Horns of Plenty: We’re Amid Antler Wars

There on the classic knotty pine wall above the fieldstone fireplace in what can only be described as the ultimate all American deercamp log cabin, deep in the mystical big timber of Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, hangs the most magnificent whitetail beast a deerhunter could ever dream of. By Ted Nugent And I know...

How to repel deer ticks

Locavore Blog: A Solution to Deer Tick Worries

One of the main differences between city life and country life is the abundance of time I now spend outside. In the winter, we’re outside cross country skiing and ice skating, building snowmen, and restocking our woodpile (free heat courtesy of hard work). This year, we are all eager for sunshine and green grass...

You can't whack 'em if you don't practice. Practice!

Nugent Admits He’s A Hellraising Campfire Party Animal

I am a party animal. No really, a die-hard, take no prisoners, wild eyed bushytailed over the top hellraising party beast of the extreme kind. But in this world of politically correct semantics gone beyond mad, I feel it critically necessary to explain what my idea of a party is, versus the bastardization of...


Another City Considers Ineffective ‘Birth Control’ for Deer

You’d think that taxpayers eventually would get fed up with civic leaders throwing away money on ineffective wildlife management, but they apparently don’t care or don’t realize that what’s going on is a waste of time. Yet another community is considering the use of contraceptive drugs and the time-consuming effort to give these to...

Save wear and tear on your archery target with the new ArrowMat target faces from Deer & Deer Hunting! Click on the photo to learn more.

Locavore Blog: Getting Fitted For A Compound Bow (Video)

As a new archer, I made a point of asking some of the women leaders within the sport what their advice was for newer women archers interested in getting started. Tiffany Lakosky of the Outdoor Channel’s Crush With Lee & Tiffany made a point of telling me that “the most important thing is to...