Ted Nugent

Nugent: Keeping The Spirit All Year

In between seasons it is always a good idea to harken back to those exciting moments that are so powerfully imprinted on our deep instinctual psyche to keep our predator spirit alive, in preparation for what should be anticipated as the best hunting season of our lives coming up soon.

Become a Student of the Whitetail

It’s easy to get distracted by our desire for instant gratification these days. We not only want to fill our tags, we want to do it now. Perhaps that’s why we focus on the woeful while glossing over the wondrous when we check in at the end of a day’s hunt....

Nugent: Wildlife Science Battlecry

Celebrate the amazing wildlife management success story of North America and say Hallelujah and pass the backstraps like you mean it. It really wasn’t that long ago when America woke up to the heartbreaking disaster of the irresponsible, runaway, indiscriminate market hunting slaughter of our precious wildlife.

This Can’t Be Fun: Insects and Deer in Summer

How do insects affect white-tailed deer during summer? Just one look at this video clip should provide all of the answers. In some regions of North America, stress from insects and other external parasites oftentimes cause deer more stress than they encounter during harsh winter weather. We have shown you videos...

Young Nugent Bowhunters

Nugent: Guide The Youth

As Ted Nugent spends quality time with his grandkids and the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids, their smiling faces and excitement when enjoying those positive activities are what it's all about.