Top 10 Bowhunting Products for Women in 2018, No. 1

Gone are the days of using oversized, hand-me-down hunting gear from your dad or brothers, as many companies now make great bowhunting gear specifically for women. Deer & Deer Hunting's Brittany Jill shares her Top 10 favorites pieces of bowhunting gear for women.

Big Whitetail Does are Smart Critters

White-tailed does live in colonies that are often complex. These colonies consist of females from maternally related groups, and they can include up to seven social classes.  From a scientific perspective, the first three categories include fawns, yearlings and/or first-time mothers. Then come the dispersers, which are the second-time mothers. These...

God Be With You, Charlie Alsheimer

It’s been 17 hours since I’ve heard the news that Charles Alsheimer left this world to be his Creator, and I’m struggling to breathe, much less type these words. Charlie, as he preferred to be called, was more than an expert on white-tailed deer behavior. He was more than the world’s...