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This girl's reaction to her first deer is priceless!

Deer Antler Rules: Divided We Fall

If you need another stark reminder of where we’re at as a deer hunting community, check out the Facebook comments that are being logged in response to Richard Smith’s report on the new deer antler rules in Michigan. Last fall, Michigan enacted mandatory antler rules in 12 counties. In short, hunters are required to...

Fred and Ted1

Never Forget Our Bowhunting Founding Father, Fred Bear

by Ted Nugent March 5, 1902, in a freezing cold brutal Pennsylvania blizzard, a man-child was born. We never know when, where, how or who amongst us will pursue the American Dream in what manner, shape or form, but in this case, the birth of Fred Bear would so powerfully impact so many in...

(photo courtesy of Cuddeback Cameras)

The Real Reason Why Our Deer Herds are Declining

by Daniel E. Schmidt If this winter has taught us anything, it should be that habitat is the trump card in any discussion on white-tailed deer management. It should teach us all that. But it won’t. No, it won’t take but a few sunny, snowless days later this spring or early summer, and we’ll...


With a Borrowed Camera, Pat Reeve Launched a Career

Widely regarded as two of the most knowledgeable bowhunters in the industry, Pat and Nicole Reeve are well-versed in the art of deer hunting and now they’re sharing their expertise with a new audience in a new book. Trophy Whitetails with Pat and Nicole Reeve offers fans of Driven TV and hunters around the country the chance to learn more...

How to find a hunting land Llease on your own terms

Miranda: This One Question Leads to Hunting Lease Savings

Miranda: Lease Secrets to Boost Your Hunting Prospects Tim Kent, owner of outdoors-related media company Theory 13 Creative, decided to take matters into his own hands after years of bumping into other hunters while hunting in New York and New Jersey. “We were simply tired of having people on top of us, especially in my...

Hunter Nicole McClain gives her 5 tips for a stress free hunt

Nicole McClain: 5 Easy Tips for a Stress-free Hunt

1. Leave the un-necessities at camp Do you really need to take your gut hook and gloves \to your treestand or hunting blind? Do you need two doe bleats and two buck calls? I’m a person who makes sure the bases of planning are covered, like taking a headlamp and a mini-light, but I...

Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Positive Is As Positive Does

Talking about looking on the sunny side in these trying, nasty culture war times! As you read this, yet another little Nuge update at on this lovely day of our Lord, February 26, 2014, I am gone with the wind, out cold, bonkers, comfortably numb, zapped, schnookered, boogered, out of pocket, off the grid,...