Target practice with my furry assistant, Mackinac.

Intro to Archery: Practicing for Fall Deer Season

It is hard to believe that in only a matter of weeks summer vacation will be officially over and my daughter will be back in school. While the days have mostly been sunny and warm, the mornings are crisp and hint at a change in temperature just over the horizon. I’ve been focusing on...

Ted with his sustainable renewable ethically killed lion while on safari.

Honest Animal Lovers versus Dishonest Animal Deniers

“A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.” Really think about that one for a moment if you dare. Those are the words of the animal rights and anti-hunting hero and guru Ingrid Newkirk. And she means it, as do her zombie-like, soulless, criminal followers and fellow scam artists. Equating the...

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Daydreaming of Bowhunting Wyoming Whitetails

Although my whitetail adventures will begin later this month in southern Florida for their rut (yeah, go figure!), I’m already daydreaming about bowhunting northeast Wyoming once again with Ralph Dampman of Trophy Ridge Outfitters. I’ve hunted with Ralph on two other occasions and must say his part of the world is unrivaled when it...

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The Most Accurate and Forgiving Hunting Bow?

It came with a lot of fanfare earlier this year. No cams. Really? Would that even work? A lot of people skeptical, especially longtime archery fanatics. I was not one of them. When Matt McPherson revealed his new No Cam® to bowhunting circles it set the industry on its ear. It still is. After...

ARCHERY Make it fun for kids getting started

BowShop: Make Shooting a Bow Fun for Kids

I’m unsure what wild bug crawled into our son’s shirt this past autumn, but when he announced he’d like to shoot one of my bows and had an interest in deer hunting, I tried pretty hard to scratch that itch.
 He’s always been interested in mainstream sports, notably basketball and golf, and has never...

TED   Ted at sports show2

Celebrate the Hunting Lifestyle at Sports Shows Nationwide

The Nugent family has always cherished our time together. As usual, it is the hunting camp campfire that seems to be the most dynamic and conducive to optimal heart and soul memories. In today’s double live Gonzo hectic world, it is getting more and more difficult to coordinate family schedules where we can make...