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Travel the country and learn techniques for hunting different places and sub-species in this new blog based around the book The Rut Hunters

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Whitetail Deer Info, Facts & Hunting Tactics

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Deer behavior insights from Charlie Alsheimer

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Top Advice from America’s Best Deer Hunters

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Interviews with individuals who might not outwardly meet the “hunter stereotype.”

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Ted Nugent on Deer & Deer Hunting

Positive Is As Positive Does

Talking about looking on the sunny side in these trying, nasty culture war times! As you read this, yet another little Nuge update at on this lovely day of our Lord, February 26, 2014, I am gone with the wind, out cold, bonkers, comfortably numb, zapped, schnookered, boogered, out of pocket, off the grid,...

Kristen Schmitt Property 3

Locavore Blog: Hunting For A Sustainable Life

Six inches of snow coat the dock just beyond my back door and at least twelve inches of snow blanket the 11-acre pond, where we’ve spent many mornings cross country skiing or ice skating this winter. Our canoe, nicknamed Tippy Canoe after several wet mishaps last fall, is almost forgotten: a frosty hill in...

Clint Bailey works as the barrel house supervisor for Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Brand Tennessee sour mash whiskey and is a diehard deer hunter.

Clint Bailey Wrestles Whiskey Barrels and Big Bucks

Clint Bailey is 37 years old, works at one of the most iconic businesses in America and has a deep passion for hunting white-tailed deer whenever he gets the opportunity. Bailey lives in Lynchburg, Tenn., and works as the warehousing supervisor for Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Brand Tennessee sour mash whiskey. He’s in...

Tom Miranda The Rut Hunters Find a Hunting Partner

Miranda: You Need This When Traveling for Big Bucks

Tom Miranda of the Whitetail SLAM has authored a new book, The Rut Hunters. This Tom Miranda blog features excerpts from that book. How to Double Your Efforts in Unfamiliar Territory Even though we all have hunting buddies, someone that is a good traveling hunting partner is a different breed. Camp chores, competition over...

Theodore Nugent with Doe

Ted Nugent: Meet My New Best Deer Huntin’ Buddy!

The streets of New York City were wet and nasty on October 28, 1968 as I trudged back to my hotel after a long day of serious, and what turned out to be historical rock-n-roll recording. My killer band, The Amboy Dukes were laying down some more blistering tracks of firebreathing all American R&B&R&R...

Nicole Reeve Saskatchewan 182 Inches Photo 4_640x428

Quick Learner: Nicole Reeve’s 182-Inch Saskatchewan Monster

What Nicole’s Success Can Teach You About Hunting Nicole Reeve’s 2007 Saskatchewan Bowhunt Caught on Camera; Full Story and Link to Video of 182-incher Featured in New Book Nicole Reeve joined Pat Reeve on Driven TV in 2007, and hunted for huge bucks on camera for the first time that year. She learned quickly,...