Girl’s First Deer is a Lifetime Memory

They say hope is what we cling to when reality has left us with nothing else, but I have to disagree. As the minutes ticked down on the second-to-last day of my daughter’s first deer season, we weren’t clinging. We were hanging on by our fingernails. Thankfully, Emily had a champion’s...

Video: Deer with Chronic Wasting Disease

Today’s blog post is a disturbing video clip of a deer allegedly infected with chronic wasting disease. A friend of mine sent to me this morning. The video was posted earlier this fall by a South Dakota landowner who found a near-death mule deer. The man states that he contacted state...

Welcome Home to Texas

Never ever forget that even the most nerve wracking moments on the hunt, even in great states like Texas, are some of the best moments life has to offer.

The Scripted Buck

Sometimes things work out as perfectly as planned for a deer hunt, as Ted Nugent discovers with an old Michigan marsh buck that didn't let him down.