Do You Really Want to Die While Deer Hunting?

Vest-style harness systems are popular today because the straps are enclosed, the vest is easy to wear and they fit under shirts or jackets.

Vest-style harness systems are popular today because the straps are enclosed, the vest is easy to wear and they fit under shirts or jackets.

The stories about deer hunters falling from treestands and sustaining severe injuries or dying usually are the ones we hear about in the news media or at outdoors shows.

During my newspaper writing career I wrote several of these stories. I hated it. I knew there was a family involved that might be reliving the situation. But I also saw it as an educational moment for other hunters, especially those who believe they’re bullet-proof and have the “I ain’t fallen yet and I ain’t gonna fall” attitude.

That’s the wrong attitude, buddy. It’s not a matter of if, but when.

August is Treestand Safety Awareness Month and a good time to think about investing in a safety harness. Doesn’t matter what brand. Just do your homework and make the investment of the best life insurance you can have while you’re hunting if you climb trees or sit in ladder stands.

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Here’s a “Life Story” letter sent to the folks at Hunter Safety Systems. They have several of these stories sent in by hunters and they’re solid testimonials. The one below is printed verbatim:

— Alan Clemons, Managing Editor

October 23, 2011 was a day that would forever change the way I view wearing safety systems while hunting from a tree. That morning my best friend Rusty Hall and I headed to the woods. We both always put our HSS on before we head to the stand. So we headed off, I dropped off in the woods first then Rusty walked on down the road to his stand. I reached the base of my tree where the stand was and proceeded to climb up. After reaching about 20 feet I tied my system strap to the tree. Now this is where it all changed from a normal day of hunting to GOD’S BLESSING.

After tying off I went to turn around and in a split second my stand slipped out from under me and I was hanging 20 feet up by my HSS. As soon as I fell I hit my head on the tree, but that was the only scratch I had on me. I was able to get my cell phone out of my pocket of my Pro Series HSS and call Rusty to come help. When Rusty got to the tree and shined the light I was able to pull my climber up after several tries. Once I got my climber back up the tree and was able to sit down I said a prayer and thanked God for my safety and HSS. All I could think about was my wife and 4 year old and 6 month old at home. Had I not had my HSS on I probably would have been seriously injured from the fall.

I strongly recommend everyone who is a hunter to purchase a HSS. By wearing this vest it saved my life and it can save yours too. I would like to personally thank you, Hunter Safety System, for such a great product and a life saving product. I look at my kids each morning and think back to that morning and what if I had not been wearing the Safety System. For the amount of money they cost it is a minimum for saving your life.

Matt Strickland
Tuscaloosa, AL