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I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating often; Man does not live by backstraps alone.

It may be difficult to believe such a statement from a guy whose entire life is clearly dedicated to if not downright obsessed with celebrating the glory of backstrap procurement in pretty much everything I do.

By Ted Nugent

I promote it nonstop from the rock-n-roll stage. I celebrate it via my daily tsunami of the written word in numerous magazines, websites, various social media, blogs, books and newspapers.

In 1000s and 1000s of media interviews around the world, regardless of what the interviewer may have wanted to talk about, I have always managed to steer my media time in the direction of conservation and 2nd Amendment rights.

Diligently pursuing our beloved mighty backstrappers pretty much defines the content, pulse and success of our top rated Spirit of the Wild TV show on Outdoor Channel for 25 years.

There is far more to life than backstraps, no doubt. Take advantage of every moment!

There is far more to life than backstraps, no doubt. Take advantage of every moment!

And of course right here at our very special little weekly deeranddeerhunting.com NugeBlog electronic campfire, it is all about wonderful, glorious, delicious backstraps and more wonderful, glorious and delicious backstraps all the time.

Running globally wild in the always fascinating world of the entertainment industry I am often surrounded by mostly non-hunting folk and occasionally by some anti-hunting fleeb. And although the irrefutable self-evident truth of wise use conservation is always best delivered and best understood with the universally embraced conclusion of life sustaining renewable, free-range, organic, nutritious natural meat, I have found in my exciting 67 year life (so far) that this meat reality is driven home most effectively when making it a point to always mention the spirit stimuli of the non-kill elements of our hunting lifestyle.

Years ago I won the James Fenimore Cooper Spirituality Writing Award from the Appalachian Literary Council for my inclusion of the limitless panorama of nature’s diverse bounty in so many of my writings.

Sure the kill and resultant hard earned protein is the purest of the driving forces behind our hunting instincts and urges and duties, but beyond the absolute beauty of the life and death, blood and guts, sinew and bone, meat and hide balancing perfection of God’s tooth, fang and claw creation are the never ending and unlimited physics of spirituality that abound in this renewable miracle within which we hunters play a critical and dare I say perfect role.

I carry on conversations with non-hunters all the time and they are always intrigued and downright fascinated when I share with them my giddy excitement with stories of what we as hunters actually experience afield in our quest for our backstrap dreams.

I list the birdlife I have come to identify, admire, respect and commune with. As I list the cardinals, robins, nuthatches, juncos, chickadees, tufted titmice, cedar waxwings, the assorted downy, ladderback, red headed and Pileated woodpeckers, mourning doves, Baltimore oriels, wrens, ruby throated hummingbirds, cowbirds, catbirds, bluebirds, bob-o-links, thrushes, blue jays, song sparrows, English sparrows, grackles, starlings, quail, pheasants, grouse, woodcock, snipe, goldfinches, rose breasted and evening grosbeaks, redwing blackbirds, crows, kites, kestrels, redtail hawks, Coopers hawks, sparrow hawks, night hawks, Bald Eagles, barn owls, great horned owls, mallards, teal, wood ducks, black ducks, loons, cormorants, grebes, coots, and how I can know them from both song and flight characteristics, these non-hunters are always genuinely moved by how important the nongame species are to my hunting life.

I share thrilling encounters with coyotes, fox, coons, possums, skunks, groundhogs, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, beavers, mink, muskrats, badgers, turkey, and all living things that make our hunts so wonderful.

Putting the always challenging puzzle together to get that shot to kill the beast is so all consuming that we sometimes get a bit of tunnel-vision about our hunting joys and fail to paint the true pig picture of what it all means to us.

Like the oft repeated opening line in this NugeBlog #128, I repeat this truism as well; initiate the dialog with everyone you know and unleash the big picture beauty of what we celebrate every hunt, every day in God’s spellbinding, stunning creation. Go ahead and share the details and minutia far beyond the kill and the hunt itself, for everyone will embrace the truth that Nature as Healer has many elements to it, and it is all good for all living things, especially people.

Ted Nugent is an award-winning musician and writer, with numerous best-seller books including “Ted, White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto,” “God, Guns and Rock ‘n Roll,” and “Kill It and Grill It: A Guide to Preparing and Cooking Wild Game and Fish” with his wife, Shemane, among other books. Be sure to check out his website for more news on his latest music, thoughts and upcoming shows, and also at World News Daily, Newsmax and Daily Caller for more insights.


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