Shed Hunt 2013: Let the Deer Antler Games Begin


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Whether you are going it alone or looking for deer antlers with a shed hunting dog, now is the time to get out there and start looking. (


by Lon Sherman

I really love deer hunting, but my passion of late has been looking for antler sheds on the properties near my home in central Wisconsin where I grew up.

I just returned from a long winter vacation down in Florida. The weather here is incredibly cold, and the snow is still deep in the woods. If you remember my blog posts from last year, my first entry was on March 9. What a difference a year makes, huh?

I’ve been a diehard shed hunter for many years. Having recently retired from job as a banker, I now find more time to look for antlers and just enjoy the great outdoors. I hope you enjoy my daily updates as much as I’ve enjoy the time I spend walking the fields, woods and wetlands in search of all antlers — big and small.

Now … let’s go shed hunting!

Check back here at at this blog for daily updates as Lon scours the woods for more additions to his bone collection.

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